Orgaanklap - I'm Fuck, Punk You ‘I’m Fuck, Punk You’
 (Draaiorgel Remix)
 Suburban Records

Sometimes you see something in life that knocks you for six, stops you in your tracks and slaps you in the face like a wet fish. Today was one of those days as this played for just 40 seconds.

The thing is, it felt natural, felt like it was what my day needed. I was owed this Orgaanklap remix. It was meant to happen.

There’s no point in explaining it. Just play it, take it in and appreciate ‘I’m Fuck, Punk You’. Genius bastards!




Joe Gavin Snake Eyes Die Remix


Sean Lomax has remixed Joe Gavin‘s HD footage from the Snake Eyes Die DVD that takes Skate Edit of the Week hands down. Visit Note to pick up the full production featuring a plethora of Manchester’s finest. “Ecstatic, there it is…”

Quartersnacks Since Day One remix

The guys over at Quartersnacks have re-edited the DVD extras from the Real Since Day One DVD to the sounds of Todd Shaw…and it’s a winner. Get stuck into footage of Peter Ramondetta, Jake Donelly, Justin Brock and Ishod Wair here.