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Reflections 2010: Dave Allen

One of Britain’s finest exports, the Hertfordshire Baby Rhino and coping slayer known as Dave Allen has been making quite an impact on the Atlanta scene in Georgia over in the USA. This year his name has been cropping up a little more frequently as his Death From Above pro model for Death Skateboards dropped and the kind of frontside feeble that’ll make any other grown man cry was featured on the ATL Skater website as one of the photos of the year.

He joins us today for another series of personal reflections on the year that has just past. Have a read below and keep scrolling to find his top five video edits of the year too. Boom!

Photo: Nick Scott

Best personal moment of 2010?

After what seemed like a forever of uncertainty, signing the paperwork and getting the keys to our house. Stoked.

Favourite skate trip?

I think it was when Zorlac was over here and we went drove down to Columbus for the Georgia Bowlriders. Myself, Nick, Will Boatwright and Shawn Coffman. We laughed all the way there and back. Shawn had the quote of the day “I don’t give a shit where we eat Dave” You probably had to be there I guess.

Favourite song or album?

I went to a club for a friend’s birthday and this dude was playing live. It’s not my usual taste but it left an impression on me for some reason.

Most satisfying trick filmed or landed and at what spot?

I’ve filmed some bits for the new Death video, but the most satisfying was shooting an invert fakie in the pool at Brook Run. It felt the nuts.

Newest trick learnt?

I re-learnt how to go in forwards on feeble grinds again just like the boss (Zorlac) does.

Favourite trick or line witnessed?

Grant Taylor at Mountain park, he’d just got back from King of the Road and was just cruising around doing more stuff in one line than I could hope to do ever.

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Creature Hesh Law

Your MVP of the year?

What the fuck is an MVP?

Fresh blood tip for 2011?

Obvious one, Grant Taylor. I’ve witnessed it first hand. He is the real deal. And Kevin Kowalski, don’t underestimate this kiddie.

What are you looking forward to most about 2011?

Skating again. I had knee surgery at the beggining of November, so I’ll be ready to start again in the new year at the new park they are building at the end of the street.

Smashing Up The Car

When I clicked on this I knew it was gonna be good. It’s worth watching just for hearing Renton Millar laugh. He loves this sort of stuff and I’ve never met anyone that gets off on the noise of stuff being smashed as much as him.

Stratosphere Skate Shop Halloween Edit

Crazy shit going down in this clip. Pure fun reminder of what skateboarding is really about.

Rumble In Ramona – The Final Stand

This one is a re-edit from the Thrasher website of the 2009 Rumble which they posted right before the 2010 one. I like it because it rekindled all the memories I had of what a good time it was. So much stuff went down and it was amazing to hook up with people I hadn’t seen in years.

Protec Pool Party – Jeff Grosso 28 Block Slider

Have you ever even done a boardslide? This one takes the piss, he passes the mental point and sticks with it. I sat up and watched this comp on a live feed and I was glad I did. Amazing to think he’s been to hell and back and he can still skate like a demon. Jeff Grosso will always be one of my heroes.

We Are The Music Makers

OK, so it’s not exactly new, but I love this scene. I was stoked when it appeared in Video Days.

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Reflections 2010: Ben Nordberg

In a very short period of time, Ben Nordberg emerged from the UK as a rare talent, complete with a bag of tricks unmistakably his own executed with a degree of nonchalance apparently reserved only for him. It wasn’t long before he was secured a position on the mighty Flip Skateboards. In 2010 he recovered from a brutal leg injury and was featured in the visual narrative of James Gardner’sFlight Of Passage‘.

Read below as he reflects with us on the last twelve months and how stoked he is to be back on the plank.

Image: James Gardner

Best personal moment of 2010?

The first tre flip after being out from an injury.

Favourite skate trip?

Flip West Coast Tour. Sick crew with good spots and parks!

Song or album you listened to most in 2010?

Black Sabbath – Die Young

Most satisfying trick made/filmed and at what spot?

A trick in Sacramento and the tranny wall spot… it was fun because Geoff was pulling me in using the van so it felt good to land it so it wasn’t all for nothing.

Gnarliest story?

When we pranked Langi and Luan on the tour, we made up two girls and said how they thought they were really cute and how they wanted to hook up in Sacramento; it went on for 8 days and in the mix of it Langi sent a photo of his dick randomly which was pretty gnarly… so when we were in Sacramento for dinner we revealed how they weren’t real and they were so bummed. I’d like to thank Ewan Bowman, Greg Hunt and Rune for been involved in the prank haha.

Newest trick learnt?

The Merlin Flip

Best trick or line you witnessed?

David did one of the gnarliest things I’ve ever seen… can’t tell you what though.

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Habitat – Origin

Your MVP of the year?

Dylan Rieder

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?

Barney Page

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?


Dylan Rieder – Gravis Part

Obviously Dylan’s part… for sure my favourite part of the year! Such a good style and a great trick selection and also he’s a good mate and a really nice guy.

Stefan Janoski – Habitat Origin

This isn’t online (you can buy it on iTunes here though) but any new Stefan footage is golden in my eyes.

Shane O’Neill – Berrics Part

Nothing to say really apart from that he’s probably the best skater in the world.

Austyn Gillette – Habitat Origin

Again, not online but that was so fucking sick!

Paul Rodriguez – Plan B Part


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Reflections 2010: Dan Wileman

For years, Dan Wileman has remained an absolutely massive blip on our radar due to his idiosyncratic trick selection, balls out style and how often he comes to our jams and walks away with some cash. Our Xmas Jam in December was no exception, as he slayed the rail in the way only he could manage, smiling while saying “ha, I haven’t seen these in a while” as we handed over the Crossfire pounds. If he didn’t have such huge support from his family of sponsors we’d fear that the taxman would question why his bank was filled with DIY cash.

In 2010, Dan has maintained his position as one of the Bristol’s finest, ripping hard despite injury for Crayon Skateboards, 50-50, Venture Trucks and Hubba Wheels. Read below as he reflects with us on the twelve months that have just past.

What important lesson have you learnt from 2010?

Aint really learnt shit this year to be honest, but peace to the haters.

Best personal moment of 2010?

Being sung Happy Birthday at Basel by the whole arena and being caked in the face for getting best trick on my birthday.

Best skate trip of 2010?

Either Basel or the shop comp in Switzerland, both were on par. Rad crew and it’s funny times going anywhere with Kohran and four litres of rum. Couldn’t skate because of my foot so just got pissed  and watched Fiddy represent. So sick.

Best song/album of 2010?

Skitz and Buggsy ina system buggsy coming straight outta Bristol and is one of the most chilled heads you have ever met. Killing it in UK hip hop scene.

Most satisfying trick landed/filmed?

Probably front feebs down this rail in Kent on the Venture tour. I think the biggest rail I’ve front feebed before was at Playstation so this was the first street rail for the front feebs and it came pretty easy so I want to step it up to a bigger one.

Newest trick learnt?

Nollie bigspin noseblunt.

Most watched video of 2010?

Motive – Dimensions or Bristol’s Finest.

Skater of the year?

Chris Jones I reckon, him or Dylan Hughes; he kills it more than anyone I see skate, he’s gotta be most underrated skater. Well,  maybe not underrated but he should be making bare cash money.

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?

Barber or Tom Gibbs, watch out yo. And Dave Snaddon AKA DJ Mind State with his tunes big in the game, watch this space.

What are you looking forward to doing in 2011?

L.A. in February, gonna chill and skate with Benny. Gonna be sick.

Torey Pudwill – Hallelujah

Safest dude I’ve ever met. He was in bristol on his 16th birthday, we got him well pissed on tequila he spewed every where. Genius on the plank and cool as fuck off it.

Venture UK in Kent

One of the funniest trips I’ve been on. Mad crew and well productive; this was only like a three or four day tour. Sick as, big up Shiner.

Crayon – Malaga 2010

Another funny ass trip. Sunshine in January is always good and Leo’s reaction to the board being flung into the shop is priceless. Big up Symeon Jamal AKA Syme AKA L.A gangster and big up Crayon.

Basel on a Budget

Yet another funny mish, ended up being mad English crew in Basel.  The last day there was this bit at the park with all balloons and there was like forty litres of booze and two bottles of rum and everyone but us and two dudes and a chick behind bar left. We got right on it. I took a HD mini cam with me and Crissy Oliver made one of the funniest edits. Lost a memory card with loads more footage on it due to the booze in the bar but ey, good times…

Sean Smith – Haze Wheels

Sean Smith… BADMAN.

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Reflections 2010: Luan Oliveira

At the beginning of 2010 Luan Oliveira turned pro for Flip Skateboards after a monsterous section that pushed street skateboarding’s ever redefined boundaries in Extremely Sorry, smashing the Tampa Am competition more than once and producing one of the most banging Bangin! edits to ever come from The Berrics. You’d think after the Hooters party to celebrate his deserved professional status he’d be taking it easy but when skating is as natural and fun as it is for Luan, undoubtedly one of the most exciting skaters of our time, you’d be wrong to think he’s doing anything other than smashing it.

Read below as he takes a little time out to reflect on his first year being pro and the five video edits he’s been watching all year to get him pumped for the session.

Photo: Andrew Shusterman

Favourite Skate Trip of 2010?

Flip West Coast Tour.

Favourite Song or album?

Jay-Z – On To The Next One

Gnarliest story?

Ask Ben Nordberg! He will tell you about the pillow one!

Newest trick learnt?

SS Flip BS Crooked

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Flip – Extremely Sorry

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?


What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Be happy, film a lot, shoot photos and have fun!

Rodrigo TX – Give Me My Money Chico

Rodrigo’s part is fucking sick. I like his style, the way he skates and the type of songs he puts in his video parts.

CGK – Allday Iapi Everyday

Me and my friends made this video a long time ago and it seems pretty good, as you can see we have a lot of fun, haha that’s what skateboarding is for us!

Rodrigo Petersen – Give Me My Money Chico

Rodrigo Petersen is a gnarly man. He has so much pop and he’s such a good guy, I love to hang out with him. By the way, the song is perfect for a video part… OBRIGAAAAAAAA.

Antwuan Dixon – Baker 3

Antwuan Dixon is amazing. After Tom Penny he is the best ‘hands down’ on skateboarder. I like to watch this part before I go skate, the song is fucking sick and he is gnarly.

Cezar Gordo – Matriz #3

Inspiration right here man. Cesar Simonetto Daz Pozzolo AKA Gordo is fucking gnarly. This part is old, like four years ago. For Brazilians, this is the shit right here…the way he skates and his attitude make him one of the best skaters in Brazil, that’s why I like to watch him and skate with him.


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Reflections 2010: Boots

Portrait by Rob Shaw.

What a year for Mr. Boots Hopkins! Not many people can say that they’ve been married, had the cover of Sidewalk and had a pro board out for one of the UK’s best companies in their entire lifetime, let alone in just one year. Yet all this was achieved this year by a man who chooses to go by the name of a high street pharmacy chain (or the footwear choice of a certain Puss) while frequently destroying street spots across the UK on the regs.

We found Boots to be a perfect candidate for another set of Reflections, so enjoy his favourite moments and video edits from 2010 right here.

Best personal moment of 2010?

My wedding day, getting the cover of Sidewalk and getting a pro board were the best moments of the year for me, stoked on them all.

Favourite skate trip?

The Summer Death Skateboards tour was really fun, good times with the fuck ups camping and filming at some sick spots, same time next year!


Metallica’s Ride The Lightening

Most satisfying trick filmed?

In the middle of filming for the next Death video ‘Ordinary Madness‘, so I have been filming as much as I can. I dunno if satisfying is the right word, maybe relieved is; whenever I make the trick, I’m so glad its over, especially if it’s taken a couple of hours. I’ll be satisfied when the deadline comes hopefully.

Newest trick learnt?

No comply

Best trick or line you witnessed?

Anything Josh Cox ever does is my favourite. The guy knows his way around a skateboard, just watch his warm up line at Mile End. Piss take.

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Stay Gold and Origin, but Heath Kirchart’s part in Stay Gold is the best.

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?

Josh Cox. Rory Milanes. Karim Bakthoui, just wait for the Slam video!

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Same again… travelling, skating new places, moving to cardiff, spending time with the wife, not working too much. Keeping it real.

John Demar – Be Here Now

Stumbled across this the other day, good style, lipslides through water, good tune. This part is sick and I look forward to seeing more from this guy.

Nick Jensen X Hold Tight Henry – Lakai Ad

Nick Jensen’s Lakai commercial. I don’t need to say why this is amazing, watch it and you’ll know.

Randy Ploesser – High 5

Randy Ploesser High 5. The dude kickflips onto a polejam and other interesting and sick stuff in this clip.

Dylan Reider – Gravis Part

Dylan Rieder’s Gravis part. Definitely the best thing I have seen in 2010, 5 minutes of straight bangers and does the best front tail flip out you will probably ever see.
Portrait by Rob Shaw

T-Mo and Friends

T-Mo and his buddies. I love this clip, especially the coffin grind over the rainbow rail, unbelievable. I’m just jealous I can’t skate there…

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Reflections 2010: Jak Pietryga

Coming straight outta Walthamstow, Jak Pietryga is best known for lurking around the big smoke and killing it for The Harmony on a daily basis. This year however, he got the closer in Morph’s southern fried and zooted flick, ‘Yam Dat‘ and more or less confirmed on several trips around the continent that he has one of the raddest switch f/s bigspins you’ve ever seen this side of Mike Carroll.

He shared his thoughts and favourite moments of the year with us in this installment of Reflections.

Best personal moment of 2010?

Surviving last years new years party.

Fave skate trip?

It’s gotta be The Harmony trip to Berlin. Had a sick crew come out there with us, Buddle got involved, it was all round good times. Had the usual Harmony luck with the weather as it was pissing it down most days but we carried on regardless, basically just skated the skatehalle demo park. The days the sun decided to make an appearance were really productive though so hold tight for the edit dropping soon!

Best song/ Best album?

I’m not really one for going out and buying albums really but Morph lent me the new Giggs album ‘Let Em Av It’ and it’s a banger.

Most satisfying trick filmed/made and at what spot?

That would have to be my ender from ‘Yam Dat‘. The switch biggy down Aviva 9. Kinda went there with the trick in mind thinking it’s in the bag, because I always do that trick and it wouldn’t give me much grief, then I started grieving! You know… start getting close then lose it etc. So when it eventually went down, it went from being a trick I didn’t really rate myself, to something I was proper stoked on.

Newest trick learnt?

900 to manny.

Fave trick/line you witnessed?

I would have said Smithy’s switch noseblunt to bk lip but he already mentioned that trick in his Reflections. Errrrr, I reckon watching Barney Page and Joe Gavin skating the cheddar block at Southbank is up there. Doing new tricks on a block I thought had been absolutely rinsed off already. Yeah it was pretty impressive, think that edit should be dropping soon also.

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Blueprint – ‘Make Friends With The Colour Blue’

Your MVP of the Year?

Joe Gavin. He smashes it on a daily basis!

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?

Joe Buddle man! Guys been killing it on road!

What are you looking forward to most about 2011?

The Harmony changing to Rock Solid Distribution, I’m pretty keen on that. Going away on more trips and getting a part together for an upcoming video.

The Harmony x Etnies – Joe Gavin’s Shoe Launch

Always enjoy going up to Manchester. There was a party gong on for the shoe launch as well so it was a good weekend, went to a graffiti comp an all. It was proper!

Dylan Rieder Gravis Promo

No sound on the Youtube version of this edit but you get the idea. (Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper – Ed.)

Two days in Antwerp

This trip was real good, proper nice weather, there was a sick comp and met some good people out there. The street spots out there are ridiculous an’ all.

Nike SB Big Push 2010

If you didn’t vote for this to win the Big Push you are a mong!

Willow welcomes Joe Gavin and Barney Page to the European Etnies team.

Some serious skating in this edit and I can’t help but crack up every time I hear Willow speak.

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Reflections 2010: Gav Coughlan

Photo: Michael Feehan
Homepage image: NOB

The Irish skate scene has been stronger than ever in 2010. Not only that, but the impact that Irish skaters have had on the UK scene as a whole cannot be overlooked as more or less everyone with a good taste for rad tuned their radars to those emerging from the Emerald Isle. Amongst them, Gav Coughlan killed it as hard as any potential UK skater of the year candidate, appearing in countless web edits, merking it at NASS and landing himself a spot on IPath and racking up a wealth of good footage for the shoe company’s Big Push edit.

We catch up with Zero’s Irish connection as he sheds a little light on his personal highlights from an impressive year by anyone’s standards. ‘ave it Gav.

Best personal moment of 2010?

Coming 8th at NASS, was so stoked to win some money and get to skate that amazing street course, was also a sick afterparty in the Relentless tent on the Saturday with free beers!

Favourite skate trip?

Volcom UK trip was so sick. Getting to chill and skate with some of the US team was insane.

Favourite song or album?

Marlon Asher – Ganja Farmer

Most satisfying trick filmed and at what spot?

Laser Flip down Grattan 9 in that welcome to IPath clip, was so stoked to go there and do it quick without hurting myself at all and leave!

Newest trick learnt?

Nollie flip crooks.

Best trick you witnessed firsthand?

Harry Lintell’s 5050 in Leeds on the Big Push, never thought I’d see something that insane and done so easily!

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Stay Gold. Brandon Westgate’s section is so good, he skates so fast and he’s got so much pop.

MVP of the year?

Harry Lintell, smashed it in all the footage I’ve seen, and absolutely killed it on the Big Push, and makes it all look easy.

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?

Peter Buckley, from Dublin and lives in London, absolutely killing it lately so watch out. And Cian Eades, expect to see more of him in the year and hopefully some of him in England.

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Hopefully getting to somewhere sunny and away from all this snow and ice, I’m over it already.

One of the many edits from the Limerick loacals including Cian Eades, all the Limerick lads kill it and this edit shows it, some really tech stuff.

Floody is so sick, these 10 tricks are amazing, he’s also one to watch out for in 2011. He’s been killing it for the past year in Ireland.

LiveRockSkate is a crew from Dublin with a few of the younger skaters in it. Watch out for Michael Fitzpatrick, he’s a ripper. Check out more of their videos, they gots lots!

I feel a bit weird posting this one cause there’s a lot of myself in it, but this edit has probably the highest standard of skating a comp in Ireland has ever seen, Anto Thornberry’s heelflip noseslide on the handrail is unbelievable! Keith Walsh killed it as well and came in 1st place in the comp.

Have to put in that Paul Rodriguez online section, everything he does in it is taking skating to a whole new level of techness and ridiculousness. Song is a bit head wrecking in it but the skating makes up for it.

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Reflections 2010: Daryl Dominguez

Daryl Dominguez PortraitPortrait: Dan Lonngren
Homepage Image: Pas

After laying down the goods at more or less every Crossfire event we’ve thrown in recent years, Daryl Dominguez has really made a name for himself this year. Many Londoners would have normally found him throwing down the best varial heels and 360 flips you’ve ever seen in Meanwhile 2 or Bay 66, but alongside an expanding trick selection Daryl has frequently escaped the big smoke while still maintaining that friendly local vibe and has proven to be one of the UK’s most capable at making a session awesome and fun. He also does backfoot flips every now and then and that shit should just be encouraged each and every.

After a busy year he joins us for another series of Reflections from 2010.

What did you learn most from 2010?

‘The only moment that ever exists is right now’ – Eckhart Tolle

Best personal moment of 2010?

Funkadelic at Glastonbury, tripped out.

Favourite skate trip?

I was in Holland for about a month in the summer, just skating and partying every night with good friends. Hit up the Dam AM then went to Basel for the ESC. Filmed a lot of stuff in between too.

Favourite song of 2010?

I listen to a lot of music man, it’s murder asking me that!

Most satisfying trick filmed/landed and at what spot?

I really shouldn’t say… It’ll be in my Haunts in Sidewalk though.

Newest trick learnt?

Nollie inward heels.

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Stay Gold

MVP of the year?

Nick Remon, he seemingly came out of nowhere and killed it!

Fresh blood tip for 2011?

Kyron Davis if he ever stops linking chicks.

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Finally getting this Haunts done, the Almost video and Euro trip.

Tom Asta on Spitfire Wheels

This is just a pisstake. Switch front heel kills it.

Same Shit, Different Daewon (HD)

Favourite skater… just goes to show he’s been killing it since day one!

Family Guy – Publishing Penquin

Not a web edit in any sense but amazing. Tea, biscuits, Family Guy. Penquins are dope too.

Robbin Oost – F/S Feebs

My good friend Robbin Oost. He comes from Holland, smokes trees all day and does shit like this. Look at that shit! He’s fucking surfing!

Lucien Clarke – Mag Minute

Lucien Clarke’s Mag Minute. What a badman. RELAXED, stylish and as sound as they come too. The edit itself is dope, music fits like a charm.

Bless, Daryl