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Win free Random Swag on Facebook with VIDEO DAYS

So what is this VIDEO DAYS thing? Where can you get some free skate stuff weekly?

We have decided to invite you to share your favourite video edits out there on here one day a week as part of the RANDOM SWAG operation we have going on. Simply post the URL of your favourite new edit from YouTube or Vimeo on the Video Days thread on the Crossfire Facebook and we will pick a winning entry.

The video has to have been posted within the previous month to make sure that all of them are fresh. This means you will get to see a bunch of new edits you may have missed that others are sharing as well as having a chance to win something random from us. So post your favourite video from August today and we will let you know who wins in the comments.

This clip below is now on our FB page as a starter, and an example of one of our fave edits from August that is circulating the web right now. Head to our Facebook page to enter here and share this post on your facebook page or retweet it to invite your friends today.