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Buzzbombs – 12 rad new tunes on tap


Uranium Club – ‘Who Made the Man’ – Static Shock

Minneapolis-based punkers Uranium Club are in the UK this weekend to play the Static Shock Festival in London, not one to miss. These guys have an addictive, garage rock strut that is utterly infectious. Check out their ‘Human Exploration’ album out on Static Shock Records, and this, their new single ‘Who Made The Man’.

Flasher – s/t – Sister Polygon

Hailing from Washington D.C, Flasher’s lo-fi post-punk squall sounds like all your favourite bands bungled into one in the best possible way. The momentum of Moore & Ranaldo, Kim Deal’s thunderous tones, they’re all here. Stream their debut self-titled EP now and pray for UK shows.

GANG – ‘Dead’ – Ra-Ra Rok

Since we first met Brighton’s DIY trio GANG last year they’ve remained our absolute fav’s. The tangle of fuzz, sludge and psychedelic dirge they create is akin to no other. New single ‘Dead’ comes inspired by the grim epiphany that we are all, in fact, dying right now. And to match, their new video takes these grave themes to Wicker Man-levels of creepy. Grab the new single from Ra-Ra Rok as of November 25th and catch them gigging with WAND this weekend.

Wovoka Gentle – ‘All Exterior Dark’ – Yucatan Records

Wovoka Gentle’s new EP Red is nothing short of enchanting. Recalling the more poignant moments of Animal Collective or even Alt-J’s debut album, it’s a wonderful journey through atmospheric electronic realms that gently grips and entices. ‘All Exterior Dark’ is the perfect introduction.

Our Girl – ‘No Big Deal’ – Cannibal Hymns

Our Girl are leaving audiences in London and Brighton stunned with their dynamic and powerful live shows. A three-piece capable of jumping from whisper to wall-of-sound in an instant, their debut EP Normally is a triumph in song writing. Pick one up from Cannibal Hymns as of November 18th and listen to ‘No Big Deal’ right now. Then listen to it again!

Purling Hiss – ‘Follow You Around’ – Drag City

Yet again, Mike Polizze has delivered an absolute lesson in crafting the kind of subtle ear worms that plague your mind for days afterwards. The new Purling Hiss album High Bias is garage rock distilled. Jump from the towering riffs of ‘3000 AD’ into the thrashing ‘Notion Sickness’, and ride off into the sunset on ‘Follow You Around’. Out now on Drag City, you know what to do –

Run The Jewels – ‘Talk To Me’

Why does this new tune stop at 2.46? I wanted it to roll forever. New RTJ 3 incoming. Nothing more to add than go smash your room up.

Vanishing Life – ‘Thinking Is Weightless’ – (Dine Alone Records)

Whether you like the term ‘super group’ or not, you’d be foolish to ignore Vanishing Life with the pedigree of hardcore experience in the ranks. Walter from Quicksand and Gorilla Biscuits has temed up with members of Trail of Dead, Bad Religion and Rise Against for an album that blows most current rock bands out of the water.

Code Orange – ‘Forever’ – Roadrunner

Things can only get heavier. And this week the words ‘new Code Orange’ cement that statement true and clear. Forthcoming Roadrunner LP Forever was joint-produced by Will Yip and Kurt Ballou – need we say more? This album is going to be utterly crushing.

Concealed Blade – Demo – S/R

Concealed Blade are an American hardcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania whose 2015 demo found its way into our ears this week and totally ripped them off. This is as raw and raging as anything that emerged from the golden age of early 80s USHC and essential listening. If you like that kind of thing of course.

Marching Church – ‘Lions Den’ – Sacred Bones

Marching Church twist and contort their post-punk heritage into something that sounds both fresh and retrospective. Swaying, swaggering and sensual, ‘Lion’s Den’s woozy atmospherics tap straight into that golden zone of being flawlessly tight and on the brink of collapse all at once. You’d be mad to pass on their upcoming gigs this month.

Shame – ‘The Lick’ – s/r

Shame have spent the past year establishing themselves as an unstoppable live band. And the fact that the five-piece have booked THREE different shows in ONE night to launch their new single is testament to that. ‘The Lick’ arrives angry, energised and doused in the spittle of Mark E. Smith. See them live in Soho, Hoxton & Peckham on December 8th for three consecutive sets of what promise to be utter carnage.

Music News

Purling Hiss announce EU tour dates for March


After blowing our heads clean off with the searing hot garage rock of their 2014 album, Weirdon, Purling Hiss have announced a full European tour taking in 23 dates through March.

With their tube amps cranked high and cooking to boil over, Purling Hiss’ live set is heralded as a whirlwind of chaos and disarray. Expect a tidal wave of riffs, fuzz and syrup-sweet hooks. We can hardly wait for the London show at Corsica Studios on March 25th.

March EU Tour
4th OT301, Amsterdam, Netherlands
5th Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
6th Stengade, Copenhagen, Denmark
7th Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
8th Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany
9th Klub 007, Prague, Czech Republic
10th Arena, Vienna, Austria
12th Altrove – Teatro Della Maddalena, Genova, Italy
13th Covo Club, Bologna, Italy
14th Tender Club, Florence, Italy
16th Grrnd Zero, Lyon, France
17th Almo2Bar, Barcelona, Spain
18th El Chicho, Bordeaux, France
19th L’Espace B, Paris, France
20th Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium
21th Bleach, Brighton
22th The Oobleck, Birmingham
23th Broadcast, Glasgow
24th The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
25th Corsica Studios, London
26th Hall of Fame, Tilburg, Netherlands
27th dB’s Studios, Utrecht, Netherlands
28th Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium

Album Reviews Buzz Chart

Purling Hiss

purlinghiss_weirdonPURLING HISS
(Drag City)

As a band name Purling Hiss is a pleasing Spoonerism, nearly as satisfying as when Jeremy Hunt, Cultural Secretary’s name was catastrophically mispronounced by James Naughtie on Radio 4’s Today programme.

Weirdon is also a catchy if not mind boggling title for an album. You wonder what causes a weirdon, and is it something you can hide by crossing your legs. Released at the tail (no pun intended) end of last year on Drag City, this one slipped under the radar, but much like the record by Ultimate Painting – it’s a real grower. Part Archers of Loaf, part Pavement, part Tall Dwarfs, and at its gnarliest Male Bonding, this pop is not just angular it’s so wonky that the shelf holding the vinyl copy has just fallen off the wall of Ikea and squashed your meat balls.

Purling Hiss is basically Mike Polizze, and he makes sounding lop sided effortless even though you know his fretwork is spotless. Easily on a par with recent records by Mikal Cronin and Kelley Stoltz, it’s not razing trees to the ground, it’s not ripping them up, but it is making them bend back like Thunderbird 2 emerging from its Tracy Island lair ready to ping in your face. Like an international rescue from your January stupor.

Weirdon is out now on Drag City.

Nick Hutchings