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HAZE Wheels promo


HAZE Wheels have dropped a full promo online today with skating coming from Michael Mackrodt, Oscar Candon, Rémy Taveira, Hugo Maillard, Jody Smith and more. get pressing that play button.

Find out more on Haze in this Live Skateboard Media interview.

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Blind Skateboards IOU video

Iou-Blind-videoGet the teas on for the new full length Blind promo, IOU. 23 minutes of radness from UK ripper Sam Beckett alongside Kevin Romar, Sewa, TJ Rogers, Morgan Smith, Filipe Ortiz and Cody McEntire.

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Sabotage 4 promo


Fresh footage of Ishod Wair, Mark Suciu, Josh Kalis, Jamal Smith, Walker Ryan, Brian Douglas and Jon Hadley and many more grace the new Sabotage promo edit that went live only hours ago. Get stuck into 6 minutes of Philly goodness and await the full thing in September.

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Sex Pistols

“Never Mind The Bollocks (Deluxe Edition)


To mark 35 years since its original release, a bumper “Bollocks” box-set has been released this month, along with, for the less fanatical, or more cash strapped punter, this ‘deluxe’ double-disc package. Disc One is “Bollocks” in all its glory. A dozen songs that have stood the test of time and all these years later still pack a mighty punch made up of raucous anthems. I hardly ever spin the original album, but I don’t need to, these songs are etched in to my consciousness. Not only is the music still absolutely rocking, and loaded with Jonesy’s beefy riffs, but Johnny’s vocals remain truly volatile, as he goads, threatens, and snarls at an unsuspecting populace. The rhyming of “Birmingham” and “Abortion” in “Bodies” is lyrical genius.

Let’s not forget too, the album was recorded whilst the band were in a state of flux, with original bassist Glen Matlock jettisoned in favour of the uber charismatic, but musically inept, Sid Vicious. So inept, that Steve Jones recorded most of the bass parts as well on these songs, showing he wasn’t exactly the “Lazy Sod” he professed to be.

Tagged on to Disc One are the B-Sides of their 7″s, all great songs in their own right, but there’s no “I Wanna Be Me”. Not sure why. The pisstaking “New York”, with Johnny sniping about those “poor little faggots” in the NY Dolls, who Malcolm McLaren had managed a few years earlier, is surely evidence the internal battle lines were already being drawn. And listening to “EMI”, the irony wasn’t lost on me that their current label (Universal) is in the process of acquiring said label that hastily cut their losses with the ‘Pistols back in the day. What comes around eh…

Disc Two is live recordings from ’77. A bootleg of the Sweden set will have long been housed in completest collections, and to close are 3 rough tracks from Penzance, Cornwall… “Problems/No Fun/Anarchy”… total primal energy… bosh!

So, that’s what you get on this double-deluxe-disc package. I know pretty much everyone who would want a copy of “Bollocks” already has at least one version, but its historic importance cannot be overstated. The music really does still sound that fuckin’ great. It’s an unlimited supply… and you know the reason why!

Words: Pete Craven

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Watch Herbal Skateboards Team Promo 2012

herbalskateboardslogoHerbal Skateboards have released an 18 munite promo this week featuring their team made up of Marcus Payne, Cam Butterworth, Marc SA Carter, Jack Penny and Lloyd Mcleggon. Get the teas on.

Herbal Skateboards Team Promo 2012 from Herbal Skateboards on Vimeo.

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Politic Skateboards launches with new promo video

politic_skateboards_logoSteve Durante and Brian Brown are now pro’s for a new deck company in the US called Politic that has launched this week. Watch this tasty promo welcoming Durante and Brown plus Curtis Rapp and Jason Spivey who make up the am squad and scroll down to have a gander at the their new wood.

introducing… from Politic. on Vimeo.


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Sex Pistols ‘Holidays in the Sun’ video – unseen footage

Its only been 35 years in the waiting but today marks the release of a promo video for Sex Pistols’s classic ‘Holidays in the Sun’. Unlike the Sex Pistols other single’s from the infamous ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ (‘Anarchy in the UK’, ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’) no promo video for ‘Holidays in the Sun’ was ever filmed.

The newly released promo video was edited by longtime Sex Pistols collaborator Julien Temple and has been compiled from previously unreleased footage especially for use on the limited edition super deluxe box set ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’.

Temple comments on the vibrant video saying:

“The live performance was shot using one camera and shows the extraordinary captivating quality of the band at the time. There was shock in the room, it was hypnotising, contagious, and unfolded right in front of you. It was filmed in Penzance in September 1977, the Pistols arrived unannounced and the audience couldn’t believe what they were getting”

Limited edition super deluxe box set ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ is due to be released September 24th through Universal Music UK.

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The Winter Clearout Tunbridge Wells promo

Kent locals are bringing the 80’s pop sound from the Naked and Famous and some car park sessions to the web this week. Watch this trailer for an upcoming Tunbridge Wells promo put together by Santiago Pilgrim.

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Kill City ‘Rookies’ DVD London premiere and trailer

The Kill City Skateboard team have opted for the non conventional DVD trailer ahead of their release of ‘Rookies‘ this month. By adding their own commentary from The Milk, (a guy who has parodied various clips from TV on youtube) you will find the boyos very own take on classic scenes from the legendary 80’s skate flick Thrashin’!

Watch Kill City’s Rookies London video premiere at Mau Mau Bar in Portobello Rd following the Crossfire Xmas Jam on Saturday December 10th. It’s free to get in and the party will start from 8pm-2am.

The DVD will be available in skateboard shops from December 16th. Put it on your Xmas list.


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Girl and Chocolate Skateboards trailer released

The trailer for the most anticipated DVD release has dropped today. Get stuck into this tasty Girl & Chocolate clip to whet your appetite for what will be filling your eyes with pleasure in 2012.