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Win a Flip/Ricta/Mob Package!

Fresh from sponsoring our Xmas Jam Mini Ramp comp and shelling out hard cash for those that earned it (Greg Nowick, Jed Cullen, Craig Coombs), Flip, Mob Grip and Ricta Wheels stored some goodies aside that weren’t included in the mammoth product toss to give away in this great little package!

Simply answer the question below for a chance to win all you see above. That’s a Flip Gold Alchemy deck (7.75″), Flip Magic Mushroom griptape from Mob Grip, a magic mushroom hoody (size L) to go with it and a set of Ricta All Stars in 54mm. Hot damn!

This competition ends on January 21st.


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The Highbrow Company release limited deck

Behold readers, on the right of this page your eyes are currently focussed on the very first deck to come from Bristol’s The Highbrow Company, skater-owned and operated by self-proclaimed skateboarding/fartist, Mike O’Shea.

Only fifty of them have been made, probably because if the rumours are true that by simply carrying the deck a person is made instantly trendy then we could have an epidemic of trendy bastards across the UK on our hand if this wood was mass-produced.

Anyway, we think it looks great and you can pick one up for yourself here.

A very Highbrow video is currently in the making also. If you haven’t peeped the trailer that dropped earlier this year then have a gander below. It’s got Chris Jones, Owen Hopkins, Jason Lewer and plenty more awesome people involved.

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Line Check – Holiday 2010 1 of 2

Across the UK, skater owned shops are currently getting fresh packages from distributors dishing out the new products for the Holiday Season. Understandably, there’s lots of quality goods included in these packages and condensing our favourites into one Line Check didn’t seem as appealing to us as running two of them. So before you head out with the intention of blowing your Xmas savings, have a look at our selection of some top shelf products that are arriving in your local skate shop now.

Antiz have never been afraid to tell it like it is, so with the help of Ben The and Ludovic Gabriel they have produced the ‘Ass‘ Series. Just like everyone has an opinion, everyone has an ass; and the Antiz pro team are no exception to that rule.

Skate Mental have a huge range of decks available right now but those are our chosen six above, including O’Neill’s of-the-moment ‘Call Of Duty‘ deck and Matt Beach’s super rad Tre Flip model that provides Ewoks with the publicity they have always deserved.

Kill City are keeping things street in South Wales with their ‘Spray Paint‘ and ‘Marker‘ models. Note how good those sizes are; for those of you out there with pixie feet who haven’t made the jump up from 7.5″ here’s a good excuse to man up.

Tyler Bledsoe’s debut pro model for Alien Workshop is in shops now with a suitably trippy graphic to cause your own Mindfield to relapse. Crayon hooked up with the CSC mascot, ‘Boxman‘ and his model designed by the wonderful Philip Morgan is now available fresh from the press. Hype! are making a name for themselves with some superb web edits and quality decks to match and Karma hooks up with the insomniac Alex Maw who knocked up a couple of rad designs for their latest decks. We’re stoked on these.

Ace Trucks are starting to become a common name in UK stores so if you’re looking for something new to get your grind on with then try these out. They are selling fast having already made an impact on a competitive truck market in the US and are set to do the same here.

OJ Wheels have made a welcome comeback into the urethane spotlight this year and are our selected wheels alongside Andrew Pommier’s Tin Toy series for Momentum.

The winter warmers are in stock! Now, unless your skin is made of thinsulate material then you’ve probably noticed it’s absolutely bloody freezing outside; have a look at cozy jackets and shirts from Matix, Fourstar, Addict, Independent and Etnies right there above.

Ok, so we were so stoked on Beach’s 360 flipping Ewok that we had no choice but to include the matching tee in our t-shirt round up alongside other graphic gems from Girl and Hype! Uzi does it now…

Soletech may be reknowed for their innovative progress in shoe technology, but you shouldn’t think that less effort is put into their threads. éS and Emerica make some of the best clothes going and the cords and chinos you see above are nice, simple and ridiculously comfortable.

But if it is shoes you’re after because the ones your wearing are soaked through with melted snow then be sure to check out Habitat’s Footwear range. Like Soletech, they’ve got the talent and experience to dabble in more than just one area. We have a Habitat package to give away this month that includes a pair of their awesome shoes; click here to enter. And as per, DVS bring the goods with simple and effective designs in dope colourways. Port should be really considered more often.

Check back for more recommended products in the following weeks.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Review: OJ Wheels Street Razor 53mm

Back in the day, OJ Wheels made the best urethane in town, so it was with open arms that we welcomed them back into the limelight, as their recent resurgence – complete with new riders aplenty – resulted in an online presence as instantly reliable as their name was back when it was all fields and shops were closed on sundays. The wealth of experience OJ have making quality urethane makes the brand one of the most trustworthy names in the wheel-making game. We were given a pair of 53mm (also known as the optimum size for getting radical) Street Razors to cruise and bruise on, a set of wheels with a reputation for being many a skaters favourite wheel in the late 80s. Sadly I was too busy rolling on whatever urethane Mothercare made their pushchair wheels on back then to compare results now, but the buzz on the new formula was too much not to be stoked all the same.

I’m sure some of you would wonder why a company so reknowned for making the best ‘thane in game would change a tried and tested formula. Well, for once it’s not the fault of ridiculous transient trends (although the sizes available suggest otherwise), but the US Environmental Protection Agency simply doesn’t let that traditional shit slide in the land of green and machine. The good news is that when OJ are brought into a new arena, they pack a mean punch. Coming in at a slick 99a durometer, OJ’s design permits for a smooth slide solid enough to satisfy any powerslide activist while not compromising on flatspot defence. Wheels are my most frequently purchased piece of hardware (sod the steps, I slide with the best!) and these have proven to be a reliably durable set that go easy on the bank too. Top shelf urethane since before I was born… they still got it.


Check them out in action in this rad clip featuring the unmistakable stylings of Jason ‘The Kid’ Adams.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

éS – Bobby Worrest Collection Review

Below: Bobby getting rubbed up in the Soletech HQ (Photo: Stanley)

Polaroid of Bobby Worrest at the Soletech HQBobby Worrest is one of those rare folk in skateboarding who seem to embody what many a self-proclaimed ‘true’ skateboarder associates with both skateboarding and the extended culture that comes inherant within it. Devoid of any artsy pretense, Bobby tears up streets in the same way he’d tear through a six pack of beer, drunkenly roar through a capella renditions of Slayer or cover grotty walls with spray paint.

Bobby gives a shit about the things that matter and doesn’t waste time with the things that don’t, so you can be guaranteed that with the Bobby Worrest approved garb that éS unloaded on stores this autumn that you’ll get what you pay for. Solid materials, no-bullshit design and stuff that gets the job done in the raddest way possible. Just like his First Blood shoe (which happens to be one of our absolute favourites from the last decade) before it, we were a little more than stoked to try out some of his signature clothes.

Read on below for a top-to-toe review of Bobby’s Wrecker Cap, Chop Jacket and Worrest 2 Jean and follow this link for our linguistic rimjob of his First Blood shoe.

Wrecker Starter Hat

So let’s tackle these from the head down. Now, New Era might be what first springs to mind when thinking of fitted caps but Starter were the definitive hat brand in the late 80s and early 90s, rocking that snapped back harder than your 9-year-old self did on summer holiday trips to the seaside. Bobby’s collab with the hat-champs is a rocking callback not to awkward family trips, but thankfully recalls the styles of early east coast subway graffiti writers and b-boys alike. Awesome.

It fits nice and tight, even on my ridiculously shaped head, is super comfortable and the custom twill patch logo on the front looks dope too. Very Bobby so far…

Chop Jacket (Tobacco)

At first glance, this cotton quilted garage jacket may remind you of those that tend to frequent buses so much that they have their own pass and somehow know everyone on-board. Maybe it’s the mouldy tobacco colourway that evoked these connotations but on second glance I’m already kind of into it. In fact, my reaction to this jacket kind of went remarkably like this.

It’s as comfortable as what I’d imagine wearing your bed would be, only it’s ever so slightly more casual and inconspicuous than leaving the house in a king size duvet. So when it’s spuds-u-like outside (like the perpetually freezing east coast) you can keep cozy. Want proof? Try to imagine Bobby Worrest shivering… you can’t. Bobby Worrest doesn’t shiver.

The colourway itself is so beige it’s actually rad, plus the twin front pockets are deep enough to carry all your bus passes, bits of tissue and snack size mars bars. If you’re not sold on first glance, then you’ll be surprised how styling you could be in this. It does the jacket job, and it does it well.

Eli Shirt (Gold)

A collection can never be without a woven plaid flannel number, and the Eli is a fine example of how to fully complete a clothing line. The Eli comes in a traditional red/black colourway for all those who love buying into all that wood-chopping, animal-loving, cigarette-smoking, beer-swilling malarky and in this mustardy gold/yellow that we were told to wear and tear. Generally, it’s as hard to stand-out with flannel shirt design as it is to go wrong with it, but this particular colourway is a rare gem that you won’t find in the local market.

The Eli is a mid-weight flannel that serves as a solid layer to aid you in your constant battle against the bitter winds of winter but not feel too bulky while out skating. There’s dual chest pocket action providing a miniature time capsule into the 50s should you choose to keep a comb or pack of smokes close to your heart. Overall, a versatile piece of comfortable cotton in traditional buffalo plaid and a worthy addition to your wardrobe that’s probably filled with substitute picnic blankets as it already is.

Worrest 2 (Midnight Wash)

These denim wonders are nowhere near as poetic as the colourway ‘midnight wash’ might implicate, a definite good thing. If my arguement why you should be repping Worrest’s signature gear is primarily concerned with how it replicates the ‘get shit done’ mentality then these jeans would be the perfect example. These are a refreshingly plain pair of jeans that combine cotton with stretch denim to provide that massively comfortable bit of give. They are a regular fit and haven’t once irritated the areas most frustratingly prone to irritation. That’s right gents, your balls are safe. Bobby wouldn’t have it any other way.

The usual five pockets are there in the usual places, the fly zips up and down easily, the little shield éS logo is a nice touch and it even comes complete with a patterned shoelace belt to save you raiding your wardrobe for a spare. I couldn’t ask for a better pair of jeans. Bobby and éS come up trumps yet again with these. Highly recommended.


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Zoo York – Chaz Ortiz Three-Peat Deck

Zoo York Chaz Ortiz Threepeat DeckMy interest in sports peaks in whatever novelty crossover Nintendo have got Mario involved in and up until this point, the italian plumber has raced in little cars that gobble shrooms and shit banana skins and has even engaged in tedious golf tournaments; but never has he jumped on the basketball bandwagon, even during the height of Fresh Prince tie-in possibilities. So the word, ‘Three-Peat‘, serving as the name for one of Chaz Ortiz’s trio of inaugural pro models, meant absolutely nothing to me other than it’s a terrible, terrible pun. What’s cute is that I’ve since discovered that a retired basketball coach had trademarked the portmanteau (a posh word sometimes used in place of ‘terrible, terrible pun’) ‘Three-Peat’ for commercial use. Thankfully, in later years, more people realised that making money out of a pun is as intensely stupid as making Mario play mini-golf so Zoo York had no legal trouble using the name for young Chaz’s three-peat success of boards. Fun fact: neither did we writing it in that last sentence. Why? Because it’s just a fucking pun.

Three-peat is the correct term however, as Zoo York have taken the tried and tested plain and simple approach and made three solid models making sure no one misses the point: Chaz Ortiz, the young gun and comp-destroyer picked up by the late legend Harold Hunter himself is a professional skateboarder and you can buy boards with his name on.

I’ve only rode one Zoo York in the past but have been equally pleased with the results. Their shape (and this comes in the glorious street skater’s dream size, 7.75″) is spot-on, complete with expertly crafted dips in the concave that help provide an instant sense of excellent board control, response and subsequently gives you more confidence while skating, which I haven’t noticed in a deck in some time. Feet-on manoevres are so simple with Zoo York, so if you’re out to learn 360s for the first time then it wouldn’t be out of line to give them a go on this. It’s mad durability may take you by surprise too. As someone who favours ugly spots that tear up decks faster than the notorious blue shell I was stunned by how intact this deck has remained. Not a single chip, no pressure crackes, no ugly grom scratches on the graphic from where it looks like I’ve been boardsliding a rock (which I had).

So this one is undoubtedly exclusively for the street skaters, but as the second ZY deck I’ve loved to ride in a row I feel tempted to make a threepeat purchase (hohohohohoho) and can only recommend that you give these a try too. All puns aside, Chaz is pretty ripping, hasn’t let the pro status go to his head yet, is stoked on school and skating. So big ups.


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Line Check: September 2010

The last of the summer wine has been drank and it’s starting to get a bit nippy out so in this month’s Line Check we’re throwing in some jackets and flannel courtesy of the goodship Independent, alongside some fresh cords and denim from Kr3w. Science Skateboards guest artist range is just too good, so be sure to check both the decks and the t-shirts. We’re really digging the LandscapeArt Project‘ series as well as Blueprint’s typical graphic designers’ wet-dream in their ‘Goods‘ series.

Blind and Darkstar have some fresh urethane for you to leave traces of where ever you roll, just be sure you attach them to some nice clean trucks; Tensor and Destructo have the good stuff. Head here for a chance to win those Destructo bad boys. And some new pro models from Supra and DVS‘ awesome Eurotrash range mean that there’s plenty of choice this month when deciding on what’ll be covering your feet as you kick, push and coast.

Skateboarding News

Science Update

Lots of good new stuff from the good ship Science this week!

The new line of sexy, sexy looking decks with transatlantic artwork courtesy of LA-based Steven Harrington and London’s Matthew Green and Chris Morgan is now available in all good shops along with some equally fine looking tees.

On top of that our eyes were treated to a 2010 teaser this morning. It’s awesome, keep on scrolling and have a look at it below after the new decks. Ben Cruickshank’s trick at the three block near St Pauls is very special…

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Baker – Szafranski Bad Guys 8″

Baker have never portrayed themselves as clean-cut, nor do they succumb to trends as transparently as handfuls of other companies. While edits are appearing like wildfire implying that skateboarding is still experiencing a comedown from the overdose of HDMA (ever wondered why all that shit is in slow-motion?), Baker haven’t strayed from lo-fi lurker footage at parties and an IMPACT typeface. To put this in perspective, Impact is the font used on all those lolcat macros that dominated the internet for a while. Hardly Brooklyn-based fixie-riding designers flicking imported Lucky Strike ash on their Polaroid collection and doing polejams to Belle and Sebastian is it?

What it is, is fucking rad. Drew is called The Boss for a reason, and that reason is because he runs a tight ship that regularly throws out shitty (read: awesome) footage and crude (read: awesome) decks for beat-up sketchy (read: awesome) riders. I had the pleasure of riding Braydon Szafranski’sBad Guys’ deck this week and had a baller time doing so. The deck is a garish orange and the graphic is a flick lighter beaming away at you like only a waking baking and shaking hotel room trashing skateboarder can. A Baker design through and through that fits in perfectly with a brand that shoots their team portraits in a liquor store.

The board is an 8” so my clumsy feet aren’t at risk of flopping around like they tend to. There’s deep pockets of potential pop, the concave is shapely and while I’m not nailing full-cab flips down big stairs like Braydon let me just say that bitches don’t know about my slappy noseslides. Bangers bangers bangers.


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Etnies – 405 Tee

If just one look at this tee doesn’t make your mind scream ‘THAT… is the best t-shirt I’ve seen in my entire life’ then I don’t think I can trust you. It’s not often that a photograph can capture something so perfect that no response can be accused of being hyperbole but here is an example. Printed on this Etnies t-shirt is that shot of a skater bombing down the Interstate 405 flippin’ off the commuting collective that emerged on Go Skateboarding Day in 2008, and it is nothing short of the best thing ever. Don’t try to analyse it. Whatever you do, don’t put yourselves in the mind of any of the drivers either because that makes you a cock. This, whether you love it or hate it, is skateboarding defined: being free, being against the grain and just not giving a damn about anyone else.

Aside from being able to replace any bad things in your life with feelings of AWESOME, this t shirt is a regular fitting tee and comes in either black or white which is enough to satisfy anyone’s taste in what you like to cover your nips with I’m sure. Get it, or just look at it, whatever, just let it make you feel good.