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Amazing Pro tec pool party footage

This weekend’s Pro-Tec Pool Party in California provided one hell of a session as Pedro Barros delivered another mammoth set of runs to take home the honours. This footage below captures the ridiculous skating that went down in both the pro comp and the legends sessions with the Bones Brigade and friends. Amazing stuff.

Pro results:

1. Pedro Barros
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Bucky Lasek

Masters results:

1. Steve Caballero
2. Tony Hawk
3. Lance Mountain

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Tony Hawk and Chris Miller talk pools and more

This weekend’s pro tec pool party in the US is gearing up to be another classic. Tony Hawk and Chris Miller talk about the old days of skating the infamous pool, plus Hawk discusses his son Riley quitting Birdhouse for Baker and his fondness for Heath Kirchart.