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Death Skateboards Ben Schroeder guest deck

benschroeder_deathskateboardsDeath Skateboards have released a one-off guest board this week for skate legend Ben Schroeder. Ben was involved in a head on collision with a car back in August 2011. He was hillbombing at 40mph and a car hit him at mach 10 and then ran over him. The car stopped with the tyre on top of his left leg resulting in his shin bone (tibia) being broken in two.

Speaking to Nick Zorlac last night he said: “I thought it would be a good time to do a Ben Schroeder guest board on Death. One because he one of skateboarding’s all time greats, and two because he needs some help right now. These decks just landed, are a limited edition and have turned out great. Graphic by Jason Davey.”

Help a fellow skateboarder here.

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Helena Long pro deck out now on Rogue

‘Helena ‘Legz’ Long‘ now has a deck with her name on it for Rogue Skateboards which is now available to buy at Her deck is available in 3 sizes – 7.775″, 8″ and 8.125″! The boards are deep concave, 100% Canadian Maple and pressed in the UK by the lovely guys at A Third Foot.

Find the ladies who rip on Facebook and look out for Helena in this month’s Sidewalk Mag that has just been released. The cover is Jamie Thomas and is sick.