Kyle Leeper Predatory Bird edit

Stereo pro Kyle Leeper is the latest star filmed by the Predatory Bird crew and takes Skate Edit of the Week filmed by Joe Pease. Enjoy a couple of minutes of Kyle linking in and out of his tricks transportation style inspired by Mark Gonzales around the streets of Southern California. Get more from him in an interview over at John Rattray’s blog.

John Rattray Behind the Artist Reel

Whatever the reason, there are little things better than writing a news piece about John Rattray. The same goes with reading ’em, it means there’s something rad coming your way. This is no exception.

John Rattray has updated his Predatory Bird blog again in a slightly off-character non-esoteric fashion. The post contains a stream of photos taken while John was filming for that amazing Artist Reel for Elwood.

Click on the ridiculousness below and have a read.