George Powell discusses the beginning of Bones Wheels

george_powell_bones_wheelsGeorge Powell, the brains behind the Bones Wheels phenomenon discusses the development of the skateboard wheel and how he personally designed and made what he saw as the perfect urethane mix to make skateboarding as fast and as smooth as possible.

Tony Hawk interview

tony_hawkTony Hawk is still the busiest and most dedicated skateboarder on the planet, and proved exactly that when he stopped overnight in London last month to inspire kids to support the Laureus project. This foundation uses the power of sport to help tackle pressing social challenges through a worldwide programme of sports related community development initiatives so we popped down to East London to see him box with the locals and discuss the past, present and future.

This video interview covers the Sport For Good Foundation, reminiscing the 1988 Bones Brigade Tour of Europe at the Latimer Road vert demo and skating the legendary Livingstone Skatepark in Scotland. We also ask Tony about how the Megaramp is making an impact across the planet, the rise of ams on the up, the growing popularity of indoor training facilities in the US, plus an insight into the forthcoming Bones Brigade documentary that is being put together right now by Stacy Peralta.

Click play for the full interview by Matthew Bromley and big thanks to Laureus for the invite and photos. Visit the Quiksilver UK site here.

Tony Hawk Crossfire interview incoming

Tony Hawk was in town 2 weeks back for a swift visit to Laureus, a project set up to inspire kids in East London. We were invited to pop over there and say hello and returned with a video interview for you that will be running on here soon where Tony discusses the new Bones Brigade plans with Stacy Peralta, Birdhouse plans, the impressive amount of ams on the rise across the planet and much, much more.

Watch this teaser for now and spread the word.

Sunday Summon: Wallo’s Vintage Hawaii skate footage 1975

wallowsAfter randomly finding a link to the great opening edit from Wallows in Powell Peralta’s epic video production The Search for Animal Chin this morning on youtube I also stumbled across this small documentary on the hallowed spot that Hawaii is so famous for.

Take a historic look back at how skaters (and surfers) made use of this steep banked ditch on the Island of Oahu from 1975/1976 with skating from Art Hottendorf (who put the film together) and John Jardine.

Here’s the Animal Chin footage featuring Bones Brigade members Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero getting ‘bunsun over the junsun’ from circa 1986/87.

Guy Mariano on Powell Peralta and Frankie Hill

frankiehillGuy Mariano discusses Stacy Peralta leaving the Powell Peralta camp in the 8th webisode of the Frankie Hill documentary put together by Nate Sherwood.

Click below for words on the Embarcadero skate spot in SF, the Gonz, Frankie Hill’s cherished pubic hair moment and more. Yes you read that correctly.

New Frankie Hill documentary parts roll out online

3 more parts of the Frankie Hill documentary have been released to the web this weekend featuring Pat Duffy, Lance Conklin and more discussing how influential Hill was to street skating alongside stories from Hill himself.

The documentary is being put together by Nate Sherwood and completely free to watch in its entirety once a new site has been built to host this and more films on the history of skateboarding.

Frankie Hill documentary incoming

Powell Peralta pro Frankie Hill has a documentary coming out about his short skateboarding life this year. Hill made his mark in 1988 video Public Domain and went on to be one of Powell’s most innovative street skaters before sustaining a knee injury that inevitably forced him to quit skating professionally at the ripe age of 21.

Watch this new trailer and look out for more info on this when it hits the web.

Enter the Bones Brigade Vault

Powell Peralta have been digging through their footage archive and have been uploading bits and pieces for the benefit of educating the iGeneration with the realness.

The latest edit is from a jam from 1989 that took place as Powell Peralta were in the process of remodelling their headquarters. The Skatezone Am Jam features some classic skating moments from Guy Mariano, Ray Barbee, Chet Thomas, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Bucky Lasek and more.

Jump right in below for the raddest thing you’ll see all day.