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Magenta – Lost in the Dam

magenta skateboardsMagenta‘s latest edit comes from the land of fresh weed and waffles. Join them as they cruise around Amsterdam’s streets for their latest collab with Pop.

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BC Camplight

BC_CamplightBC Camplight
‘You Should’ve Gone To School’
Bella Union

BC Camplight is the alter ego of Philadelphian songwriter Brian Christinzio, who, after releasing two eloquent psych-pop albums in the mid-00’s, now finds himself reborn into his recently adopted home of Manchester. Though this seemingly simple change of location becomes intriguing when partnered with the knowledge that his brand new album is titled, How To Die In The North. Regardless, the album’s lead track, ‘You Should’ve Gone to School’, see’s the self-proclaimed “guy who blew it” eating his own words.

Opening with a bassline that could have raised the eyebrows of Bernard Edwards himself, this single sees BC Camplight boasting inscrutable song-writing prowess. His hooks are so simple it hurts. The most prevalent being a swirling, cylindrical vocal siren that looms above the chorus, surrounded by an airy and effortless chord progression that never tires. Breaking into the verse, BC explores all manner of lyrical avenues, flying through the glass in his automobile after enduring the cold harsh stare of the creatures in the air, adding a mind bending charm to this marvellously crafted pop tune.

How to die In the North is out now on Bella Union. Check out the video bellow starring Felix the cat.

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Brophy does Biebel’s

Nothing like checking in to witness Andrew Brophy‘s pop. Here’s his latest web clip from Biebel’s set up for Fourstar.

Brophy At Biebel’s from Crailtap on Vimeo.

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Middleman new single and video

Leeds based rap-pop outfit Middleman are continuing the British notion of blending feel good guitar tracks over gritty urban commentary from heavily accented blokes with a lot to say.

Middleman will be releasing their new single ‘It’s Not Over Yet‘ on August 30th. You can have a look at the brand new video for it here…