Vans Pool Party 2015: Finals


The bible’s edit from the Vans Pool Party 2015 is here. It was an outrageous event, as ever, but this year seemed to have brought out the mental in people for the 10th Anniversary. Chris Russell’s board breaker, Tom Schaar’s 15 year old gold, Pedro Barros hammerfest, Rune’s sick lines. This has the lot. Enjoy the finals.

Pedro Barros not the only transfer at Combi Bowl

Ph: Matt Boyster transfers the combi pool shot by Abe Linders


Over the past 48 hours social media has feasted on the ridiculous NBD transfer from the combi bowl pool part in California from Pedro Barros and rightly so. But Pedro was not the only person to take an air over the platform for the first time, Matt Boyster also took one on the day that has not been covered anywhere, until now.

Props to both skaters.

Flip pizza party at Lance Mountain’s Pool

The Skateboard Mag traveled to Lance Mountain‘s home to film the Flip team at a Pizza party.

Arto Saari, Louie Lopez, David Gonzales all get stuck in and Greyson Fletcher smashes it on a Banana board.

Alex Perelson at the 2011 Pro-Tech Pool Party

realskateboards Out of all of the footage that has been gracing the internet this week, this is one of the stand outs. Real Skateboards are probably wondering how lucky they are to have such a talent riding their wood this year as Alex Perelson is turning out to be one of the best skateboarders on the planet in such a small space of time.

Watch this highlight footage of him ripping at this year’s Pro-Tech Pool Party and weep.