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Buzzbombs – The Hangover Sessions


So much Valium has gone down my throat since busting my arm recently skating that everything became a bit of a blur, in-between the constant turning of 12″ and 7″ records. This playlist represents the comedown and the new life that has blossomed since the process of healing. Roll a fat one and enjoy some new chillers that have managed to catch our attention in the last few weeks.

Andy Shauf – The Magician – (Anti)

This beautiful track from Canadian artist Andy Shauf aroused Winston Hacking so much that he and his team made this entire video by hand. It’s a damn fine master piece served at a perfect temperature with mushrooms and ice cream. – Zac

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Cricket and the Genie – (ATO)

The son of a legendary Beatle and the mastermind behind Primus (who left their mark on some of the best 80s skateboard videos). It’s an unlikely combination on paper but pure perfection in reality. This is just one earworm from their new album that is a must have. That flute solo… – Zac

JC Flowers – Ym Mhorthcawl – (ATP Recordings)

London’s daily grind doesn’t seem to bother JC Flowers as they wisp through the underground with their hangover friendly pop steez. If you want more, look up their Driving Excitement and the Pleasure of Ownership album. – Zac

Savoy Motel – Souvenir Shop Rock – (What’s Your Rupture?)

Shake that bum of yours as it’s the best thing you can do in your life. Sounding like it was written in 1975, this relatively new Nashville posse sure know how to get down. – Zac

Sugar Candy Mountain – “666” – (People In A Position To Know)

If you’ve ever visited Joshua Tree then you will know that its inhabitants are toking on on some damn fine fresh air. Check your friend’s scalp for the 666 mark after listening to this dreamy little pop number. – Zac

The Magic Gang – Walk On By – (SR)

Burt Bacharach’s amazing Walk On By single has been covered by so many artists since Dionne Warwick’s version of it was released in 1964. Brighton’s upcoming house party specialists join The Stranglers, Cyndi Lauper and handfuls more in giving this classic a magic touch. – Zac

Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home – (Domino Records)

There’s something so satisfying about this track that it just had to be included. It may have come out last September but was included in the 6Music feature on artists that were inspired by the Beach Boys and it stood out like a sore thumb. Beautiful work from Julia Holter lifted from her Have You In My Wilderness album. Scout it out. – Zac

Heron Oblivion – Your Hollows – (Sub Pop)

Sublime folk rock from San Francisco. Meg Baird’s gorgeous ethereal vocals provide a perfect contrast to ex-Comets On Fire guitarists Ethan Miller and Noel Von Harmonson’s Neil Young/Crazy horse over-driven guitar fuzz. The sound of Haight-Ashbury 60s hippy boom colliding head on with 2016 fuzz rock. Out of this world. – James Sherry

Wire – Pilgrim Trade – (Pinkflag)

Despite being born out of the fast and furious UK punk explosion of the late 70s, Wire in 2016 do mellow just as well as they do intense. ‘Pilgrim Trade’ is from their latest album Nocturnal Koreans and sees frontman Colin Newman’s dry vocals floating over a bed of warm, fuzzy guitars and lethargic drums. – James Sherry

Kikagaku Moyo – Melted Crystal – Guruguru Brain Records

Put away that fuzz box and pick up the peace pipe, for this far-eastern psychedelic gem will melt your mind good and slow, just the way it should be. Their fantastic new album’s called House In The Tall Grass, put it on loop and fade away. – Dave Palmer

Plaid – Do Matter – (Warp)

The video to Plaid’s latest alone is enough to chill you right out, but turn up the volume knob and you’ll hear the kind of cinematic, moody and minimalistic soundscapes that ring delightfully familiar bells. – Dave Palmer

Adolescent – Mutter – (Girl Records)

London producer Adolescent’s new EP is a paradox of emotions. Delicate but immensely powerful, it plunges from gnarled beats to beautiful cello and piano passages at will. A work said to be inspired by experiences whilst taking anti-epilepsy medication, this track is a whole mood swing in itself. Watch the accompanying short film below and you’ll be left thoughtful, contemplative, but ultimately wanting more. – Dave Palmer

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Buzzbombs – 13 banging new tunes


Useless Eaters – ‘The Moves’ (Slovenly Records)

Useless Eaters is basically Seth Sutton, and much like the reverb-troubadour Jay Reatard (RIP), he’s been defecating droplets of punk distortion like loose stool, while making music hard like a bar-room stool to pick up in a saloon brawl. The album Singles: 2011 – 2014 contains rich pickings ranging from Devo-esque futuristic Cle-punk like ‘Bloody Ripper’ through to anthemic ‘I Hate The Kids’ featuring garage rock doyen Ty Segall, but my fav is ‘The Moves’, coming on like electrodes to the abdomen. – Nick Hutchings

Pinkwash – ‘Cancer Money’ (Sister Polygon Records)

Set to destroy London’s Power Lunches with their raucous two-man din on June 9th, Pinkwash are steaming with rage on their latest cut. And with good reason. “Long after acceptance comes extreme bitterness”, guitarist Joey Doubek recently told Pitchfork of the track’s deeply personal inspiration. It does’t take a genius to figure this one out, do not miss the chance to see them next month. – Dave Palmer

The Black Tambourines – ‘No Action’ (Self Released)

This Cornwall band stole the show back in 2013 with ‘Ghost At A Party’. A tune that was on repeat in here for what seems like forever. Well, they came back for a Record Store Day release with a new track that sounds like they’ve been up for weeks on end on speed and moonshine. Gone are the laid back sneers and melodic surf jangles, now replaced with ferociously snarling garage punk. We cannot wait for the new album in August as this band have so much to give – watch this space. – Zac

Ex-Cult – ‘Cigarette Machine’ (Castle Face Records)

Get in on this title track from Ex-Cult’s 2015 EP. Super dark, hypnotic and raging Death Punk from Memphis, Tennessee. Anyone got a light? – Pete Craven

Dirty Fences – ‘Judy (Don’t Go)’ (Slovenly Records)

Judy is a punk, and that’s why the Ramones enthralled scuzz bucket glam racketeers Dirty Fences don’t want her to go. Using ‘The Dirt’ as their how-to-guide, they will probably wind up making both friends and enemies, throwing windmills and nunchucks, punching bouncers and kissing groupies. It’s a helluva ride back into the 80s on the four DeLoreans of the apocalypse. – Nick Hutchings

Ceremony – ‘The Separation’ (Matador)

Ceremony are unable to make the same record twice. Every album they’ve released has been a step in a new direction and this one may be the boldest yet. Famously named after a New Order song, Ceremony’s new album, The L Shaped Man is the band fully embracing an influence from the classic Manc band. Vocalist Ross Farrar now croons, not roars. It’s bound to upset more than a few fans of the band’s visceral earlier material but it’s a step that feels natural for the band. Check out the first single, ‘The Separation’, now and embrace the synths. – Tim Lewis

The Magic Gang – ‘No Fun’ (S/R)

Only 2 weeks ago I found myself packed like a sardine in someone’s bedroom in Brighton where The Magic Gang had the entire place swinging from the light sockets – until the electricity blew. Their laid-back catchy pop tunes have become somewhat infectious since, and every time I hear this track in public I start bundling people. – Zac

Riddles – ‘Wizards Of War’ (Energy Snake Records)

Hailing from Hastings, this band of delinquents first pricked our ears with the crushing ‘Psyhedelic Power Engine Iron Claw Thunder Mistress’ single, dropped exclusively for Record Store day just gone. Reassuringly, they’re still burning up the road ahead with this anarchic video to match the single’s insane B-Side ‘Wizards Of War’. Turn this one up as far as it’ll go. – Dave Palmer

Long Knife – ‘Teenage Death Ceremony’ (Self Released)

Totally ballistic Poison Idea infatuated Punk Rock from Portland, Oregon. Here’s a crusher from their new album Meditations on Self Destruction. They’ve just torn up the UK. You snoozed, you loozed… – Pete Craven

Blazing Eye – ‘No Outside’ (LVEUM)

At long last, La Vida Es En Mus have made Blazing Eye’s eponymous debut EP available for us Eurotrash. This LA band seem to be picking up fans from all over the world, uniting punks with their blown out Japanese-style hardcore. This is the opening song and probably the one they’re most known for. I recently saw them in New York and the second this song started, it went loony. One of the most exciting bands in hardcore and fingers crossed, a Euro tour is planned for 2016! – Tim Lewis

Sheer Mag – ‘Fan The Flames’ (Wilsuns RC/Katorga Works)

Having wowed us all late last year with their infectious 7″, Sheer Mag delivered the goods in the live arena too, leaving audiences stunned and industry tongues wagging aplenty at SXSW this year. Taken form their new release II, ‘Fan the Flames’ delivers more of the same irresistible garage rock, and sees singer Christina Halladay on fierce form. – Dave Palmer

White Reaper – ‘I Don’t Think She Cares’ (Polyvinyl)

White Reaper’s sophomore record …Does It Again mixes lovelorn punk rock angst with almost Phil Spector-esque keyboard melodies, and ‘I Don’t Think She Cares’ is a fine example of what this young Kentucky trio can do. Two minutes, buzzsaw guitars, killer chorus…job done, and done well. – Alex Gosman

Gruesome – ‘Demonized’ (Relapse Records)

If you are of the opinion that much of extreme metal these days is riddled with pro-tools and over technical, depleting so much of the power and energy, then check out Gruesome – these guys know how to do it! This is pure, raw, high energy death metal, just like they used to do it in the old days. Total Death, early Sepultura and Obituary worship, this is a massive guttural energy rush. Old school but not old age.

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Warped Tour Team Up With Teenage Cancer Trust

Lostprophets, one of this years UK Warped tour headliners, are giving fans the opportunity help fine tune their set list as well as support the respected charity Teenage Cancer Trust. There are five songs to choose from via text vote (with proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust). The song with the highest number of votes will be performed by the band on Saturday 10th November at North London’s iconic Alexandra Palace. Guitarist Mike Lewis comments:

“All of the songs we picked – some of them we’ve only played once or twice live over the past 12 years – they’re tracks that a lot of people ask us to play. We figured it would be a big deal for us to choose these because it’s finally giving our fans the chance to dictate which one they truly want to hear most. Teenage Cancer Trust is such an amazing charity. Everyone in the band has had someone close to them deal with a cancer-related tragedy at some point, so it’s a cause that’s really important to us. We’re happy to support it in whatever way we can.”

The full song listings and text numbers are as follows:
LPS01 – Lucky You
LPS02 – Darkest Blue
LPS03 – Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story of a Lonely Girl
LPS04 – A Million Miles
LPS05 – Weapon

To choose a song text the code you want to 70300. For example, for ‘Lucky You’ text LPS01 to 70300. Fans can vote as many times as they like. Entries will be counted up until midday on Monday 5th November and the winning song will be announced on Tuesday 6th. Text messages cost £1 plus your standard network rate. Teenage Cancer Trust will receive £1 from every text.

Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for the six young people aged between 13 and 24 diagnosed with cancer every day. You can also support the Teenage Cancer Trust by purchasing the Warped Tour playlist here, featuring tracks by Bring Me Horizon, Funeral For A Friend and New Found Glory.

Furthermore, as one of the few charity partners at Warped Tour UK this year, Teenage Cancer Trust will have a stand on-site with signings from some of the artists performing, a raffle to win an exclusive Warped UK prize and their T-shirt Amnesty – a chance to drop off your old and unwanted band T-shirts and potentially pick up a bargain in the process!

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Top 3 Anti Diamond Jubilee songs

Union Jack Skull artwork with permission from Ben Allen.

Can you smell the sausages BBQ’ing? See the pot bellied, tattooed British men giving it the large on the pavements? Can you hear the radios spurting out plastic pop music and hits of yesteryear through tinny speakers hanging from dirty windowsills? Bunting waving in the wind from every lamp post? Oh yes, it’s the celebration that the great British public love – the Queen’s Reign of 60 years, the Diamond Jubilee, the same national event that will be celebrated by millions across the United Kingdom this weekend ahead of the Olympics, and oh, what it is to be British!

The working public will be raising glasses of plonk in the streets to Her Majesty’s service, all of them granted with a day off to party and celebrate her fascinating milestone. The streets will be alive with tales of the good old days, before the internet ruined it all, when families sat down to eat together, when porn was found in the woods, when records were actually bought rather than stolen. The Royal one will be sat at the throne waving her hands at the minions below whilst people hit the streets, ensuring burglars capitalise on the fun due to the worst recession we have seen in years. Partly due to greedy debt her people acquired so they can be seen in the latest designer clothes to clone the looks of the Prince and Princess and the actors and musicians they aspire to.

Not everyone will be waving Union Jacks this weekend. There are many across the country who simply don’t give a monkeys about the Royal spongers and would have not forgotten the days of them sitting at the head of Pall Mall with their smug faces back in the 1970’s, not paying tax, swallowing champagne and having butlers do everything for them.

Whilst Britain remembers itself for a week for the first time in ages, we decided to roll out our top 3 songs that poke fun at the establishment. Yes, they are all golden oldies, as there are not actually that many artists out there these days with any bollocks or lyrical skills to change the perceptions of the general public. In the 70’s, times were tough but people had a voice compared to these days where Anarchy means signing a Facebook petition. For the best results, play these all three songs at 11.

3. The Exploited – Royalty

Politically brash Scottish punks, The Exploited were well-known for their criticisms of the Thatcher government so “Punks Not Dead” album track “Royalty” came as a natural progression of their anti-authoritarian ethos. Here, the Queen receives some serious slandering in the form of lyrics “dirty little bitch” and “fucking little cow”. Mowhawk filth.

2. Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen

No anti-monarchy countdown would be complete without an appearance from Mr Rotten and his gang of filth and fury. The most celebrated anti-monarchical assault in history needs no explanation but to refresh those who don;t know, Virgin Records insisted it came out on the Jubilee in 1977 with the band celebrating the fact with a trip down the Thames on a boat. Their manager Malcolm McLaren was beaten up by the pigs with truncheons as they reached land and the band picked up more headlines than Diana conspiracy theories. ‘God Save The Queen’ went to number 2 in the charts, conspired against by the BBC and the Charts Company to keep it off the top spot. This is one of the best records of all time but sits at number 2 in this countdown once again to make way for…

1. Peter and The Test Tube Babies – The Queen Gives Good Blow Jobs

West Sussex’ moped-hating punks Peter and the Test Tube Babies shocked the scene with release of ‘The Loud Blaring Punk Rock Album’ back in 1984. Filled with derogatory lyrical filth across short but catchy punk tunes that gave a damn good pogo, they single-handedly take the most offensive Queen of England related dig from the mouth of singer Peter Bywaters with his take on Her Majesty’s love of giving fellatio. This album is one of the cheekiest British punk rock albums of all time, find it, be repulsed and sneer with them.

Thanks to artist Ben Allen who allowed us to use his amazing artwork. You can buy this limited edition art directly from here, find him on Facebook , Twitter, and via his blog.

Ben’s next solo exhibition DIRTY SEXY MONEY is his first London solo art show. An introduction to modern day pop art with a spinkling of skulls.

London June 28th – 30th 2012
32 Store Street

Chelmsford July 5th July – 28th July 2012
Boyton Hall Farm
Chelmsford, Essex