Dustin Dollin interview

dustin_dollinAugust’s epic Vans Downtown Showdown in London’s Spitalfields market attracted thousands and also welcomed various Vans pro’s on the day too. In the melee over East, we bumped into Baker Skateboards’ Australian ripper, Dustin Dollin and sat down for a quick chat about his skateboarding life.

Dustin is one of skateboarding’s most animated characters and also backs it up with some of the best skating out there, so it was a pleasure to share a beer and shoot the shit with him in a noisy bar.. This is the second part in a 3 part series from the Showdown (part one is here). Get a beer on the go, click play and find out more about the Mayor of the Piss Drunx.

Thanks to Steve Gourlay, Ben Michell, Jack Tarlinton and Corbin Harris down under.

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Dustin Dollin’s 7 Day Weekend with Mark Gonzalez

mark_gonz_gonzalesDustin Dollin‘s on the road cam series for PissDrunks is topped up today with a 27 minute phone edit of fun shot by Dustin as himself and Mark Gonzales skate around Paris.

Look out for a video interview with Dustin from the Vans Downtown Showdown on here this week.