Bay Sixty 6 skatepark goes under the hammer


This thread was started on June 26th 2012

The demolition of Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark here in West London started this weekend. Walking through the front doors this morning was a bit overwheming when confronted with the speedy work of the team employed to take it apart. There’s a very eery and slightly sickening feeling that arises in your stomach seeing your local spot be destroyed. The hammers were pounding into the legendary mini ramp, the saws were screeching and the crackle of broken wood as it was ripped apart went through me like nails down a blackboard.

It’s a very overwhelming feeling. Standing there, taking it all in whilst breathing in the dust that fills the air. You can almost hear the sound of the coping being slashed. The memories of sessions flick past your eyes as you blink. The sound of people tapping tails become ghostly echoes. You probably know these sounds very well as they are part and parcel of all skate sessions. They are unique to our scene and will always remain in our memories forever. So instead of keeping all of this in today, I thought it would be best that we go through this process together. Sharing the shock and the sadness of an end of an era, as together, maybe it won’t hurt quite as much.

The saddest news of all and one of the reasons we have pieced this feature together is that there are many skaters turning up to skate the park this week after finishing their exams to find it in this state first hand. After all the speculation about saving the park, these skaters who have not picked up word about what’s happening from the internet are confused, shocked and angry, so please spread the message that the park has a new 2 year lease and that a refit is underway.


You will see from these photos taken this morning that the the midi ramp is next to be chopped into pieces. The same classic transitions that have hosted so many amazing Crossfire jams will be dust tomorrow. The Vert ramp has also been completely ripped out. The make-shift cinema that Mike built underneath the platforms is now just a pile of broken wood. What’s intriguing to see is the huge hole left in the earth where the Vert ramp used to be. We wonder how that deep hole will be filled moving forwards in the new design plans. 15 years ago or so, it took ages to be dug out. Tonnes of earth was carted away to make way for what was once, London’s most famous Vert ramp, second to the beast that was laid to rest at Latimer Road all those years ago. The sessions that went down on this ramp were legendary. Who did the last tricks tricks on it? Was Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki the last skater to huck a McTwist on these walls? Was Tom Murray the very last skater to actually drop in on it and grind the coping? Discuss.

We will bring you another feature soon with various talking heads reminiscing on what went down in this park over the years but for now, we have to just take in the changes that have been put in place so quickly. It’s very heart wrenching to see Bay 66 like this, but I guess we will all have forgotten about it in 8 weeks when the new park is built and re-opened with fresh obstacles from Nike. Until then, a boneyard of the old park is currently being dug and the men involved are working as fast as they can to fill the graves.

Share these scenes today, reminisce your memories of the sessions that went down here and remember – never take a spot of granted, as one day, it may be gone in a flash.

Bay Sixty 6 as we knew it, R.I.P.









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Updated 27th June 2012

The park is almost all chopped into small pieces now, no more ramps as of today, not a tranny in site – well, other than Paul and Rory of course :) The main bulk of work right now is loading the broken pieces of wood into vans to clear the area.

The toilet was being knocked out as I got there as you can see in this video clip below, but aside from the huge space that is now evident, the main surprise was finding old graffiti that would have been sprayed on the walls 17 years ago. I wonder if any of the graf artists have gone on to do wonderful things?

Anyway, it’s looking likely that the next update we bring you will reveal an empty skate park. Crazy to think that this has moved so quickly in just 6 days.






Updated 3rd July 2012

Two lorries arrived today with the first wooden sections that have apparently been pre-built in Amsterdam for use in the park. These look like bowled corners and are currently making their way into the park on fork lift trucks.

Diggers are carving out various trails along the sides of the park where the toilets and seated areas used to be. These are for the new drainage system and cables. New lights are being installed today too, plus the big news is that the hole that the vert ramp used to sit in has been completely filled with earth and concrete.







Updated Friday 6th July

The bowled corners have been stitched together to confirm that a wooden bowl will be the first skate-able structure in the park and it is situated in the area where the midi and vert ramp used to be. The transitions look like it will be a fun bowl to skate sitting about 6ft from first viewing. One piece of the jigsaw has been revealed this week. Hyped?



Updated Tuesday 17th July

These photos were shot last Tuesday before we flew out of the country for a break, and as you can see, the bowl is coming along nicely. Our friends from Amsterdam arrived to construct the wood work and have now applied its first surface, ready for the coping and final layer to be nailed on this week. More updates on our return but things are moving fast down at the Bay. Any bets on what will be built next?









Update 23rd July 2012

We went away for a week and returned to see all of this action at the Bay today. Pretty swift work huh? The bowl is now full equipt with coping and platforms are pretty much there meaning that the staff will most likely be rolling here this week testing out their newly constructed curves.

The amount of new lighting that has been installed dwarfs the old lamps that were hanging from the ceiling. This will make for amazing sessions in the winter. Think about that for one second. It will also make for much better filming conditions for comps etc.

The biggest addition in the last week comes from the street section. It has suddenly appeared with a new vert wall, Wembley gap, manny pad, hips, ledges and much more. At the very end of the street section where the old bowl complex used to be now has some very plush containers. What will be hosted in these will be announced in good time but these are permanent structures.

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Update Friday 3rd August

The carpenters have been finishing off the main body of work in the street course over the last week with the ‘spectator gap’ being the stand out design addition that has been built in front of the new cabin window. 6ft Quarter pipes and a driveway have also been installed over the last week forming a sizeable gap over the new entrance to the park which has now moved from the original gates down to the far end towards the bridge.

A new square set of ledges have been made this week too, with what looks to be a flowerpot arrangement so expect something spectacular to appear in the middle of this. I’m calling it the Fairfield ledges for now.

Coping has now been added to the mammoth hubba making it look incredible and the rail in now up and running. The bowl has had more tweaks and looks smooth as a peach and a fresh lick of black and white paint to the metal fences and walls have started to make the place feel clean and new. Work on the beginners area where the old mini ramp used to be is also well underway. Work on the floor starts this week too, so expect more of that from next week’s update.

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Monday 20th August

Over the last two weeks, Sergio, Mike and Ralph have been working hard on laying the new floor so you get a smooth ride. The new street course flooring is almost done, leaving the beginnners area by the new bowl. The bowl is now 100% finished and looks so good now that it’s actually now pretty heartbreaking to stand on the platforms knowing it’s not open. Salivate on the photo’s below and see why. The best news is that finally, for the first time ever, the wind and rain will be given a barrier. There are sheets of plastic now hanging from the motorway so that the bowl doesn’t get wet. Dry sessions all year round are here on the bowl. Amazing winter sessions incoming.

There’s a new walkway above the new entry point to the park. You will now walk through the turnstiles at the back of the park to get in, then turn right into the street course. The walkway above your head as you walk in was installed last week for your safety. The view from the window inside the spectator box will have wire across it to stop decks shattering the glass from the spectator gap. The wings from the gap have been fortified this week with steel rods and now have a transition below them meaning you can now fly out of it onto the flat bank to the left.

There’s a new rail and bank combo set up now so you can get more speed on the road side of the park and a new ledge too. This side of the park is built for flatground and has plenty of space there for you to push, grind the ledges and set up for more ahead. The other side of the park (train line side) is laid out for more technical skating but at a higher speed.

We saw the hydraulic ledge in action this week. You will be surprised how high it gets! It will be managed in the cabin when it opens so that it’s not played with by kids.

Speaking to Croyde who designed the park on Friday, the original design had an 11 metre full pipe drawn up to sit where the old cabin and mini ramp used to be situated. Imagine if that had been signed off! The park is very close to being completed, so expect an announcement of a soft launch to skate it this week.

Photos by Guy Longbottom.





Video update 5th September

Have a look at where the park is at from our filming session last week. Croyde Mirandon explained to us why the bowl was so fast alongside a bunch of other angles from the ongoing work at what will be London’s most sought after skate park to ride once the doors are open this month.

Update 10th September

The brand new Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark is opening this Saturday with what looks to be a memorable event that will see the Nike SB team in attendance to open her with a bang.

Justin Brock, Wieger Van Wageningen, Theotis Beasley, Sean Malto, Fernando Bramsmark, Korahn Gayle, Neil Smith, Chris Jones, Jak Pietryga, Joey Pressey, Daniel Kinloch are all confirmed for this Saturday’s opening event.

Kyron Davis who learnt to skate at BaySixty6 after school is now on Nike SB. Check out Wieger Van Wageningen in this clip filmed last week at the park and look forward to this weekend.

Opening times:

Mon: 12.00pm-4.00pm – 4.00pm-9.00pm
Tue 12.00pm-4.00pm – 4.00pm-6.00pm – 5.00pm-10.00pm (BMX only)
Wed 12.00pm-4.00pm – 4.00pm-10.00pm
Thu 12.00pm-4.00pm – 4.00pm-9.00pm
Fri 12.00pm-4.00pm – 4.00pm-9.00pm
Sat 10.00am-12.00pm (beginners only) – 12.00pm-4.00pm – 5.00pm-9.00pm
Sun 10.00am-12.00pm (beginners only) – 12.00pm-4.00pm – 5.00pm-9.00pm (BMX welcome)



OFF! live at The Haunt Brighton

The Haunt,


This gig starts early, really early. We arrived just before 8pm, and opening (local) band Gnarwolves had already played. Yeah, that early! And then maybe 20 minutes later Trash Talk takes to the stage. My mate Tony confirms we last saw them in Brighton in 2008 (supporting Paint it Black) – jeez, time flies. One thing’s for sure, Trash Talk have been going hard at it in the meantime, with relentless touring and recording that has gained them a strong young fan base, which is evident tonight. From the opening brutish chords, band and front stage crowd go off. Ok, I’ll be honest; much of Trash Talk’s short, blunt, metallic hardcore doesn’t have that killer impact on me that it promises to, but they are still a captivating live act, amped on anger and loaded with surly attitude.

I managed to catch OFF! on their initial blaze thru the UK last summer, but the gig I went to in Portsmouth was in a huge room, far too big for the show, with a small crowd, stage barriers, lacking atmosphere – a situation not conducive to a good night you’d think. Wrong! OFF! were ace, and we drove home stoked on having witnessed a very great band. So, in the much tighter and more populated confines of The Haunt, they are gonna be really great, right? Right! If, like me, you’ve had the OFF! 7”s and recent album on steady rotation, then you pretty much know you are in for a salvo of fast, tight, belligerent hardcore heavily inspired by the music singer Keith Morris originally cut his chops on, way back in the midst of time, but is delivered in 2012 sounding fresh and totally revitalised. And that’s down to the 3 fellow band members he’s aligned with, all accomplished musicians in their own right, and totally on it in keeping up the intensity.

4 songs bursts are interjected by Keith’s thoughts and anecdotes, and it’s good to know he’s still questioning and refusing to accept what his Government tells him. In other words; Punk Rock. Memories of his long deceased buddy Jeffrey Lee Pierce still cast a shadow on Keith, who questioned whether The Gun Club ever played in Brighton. I can confirm they did, late ’82, or early ’83 at The New Regent in West Street, which is now just another shitty bar, but back then was a hot bed of activity. Ack… the stories I could tell. Meanwhile, back at The Haunt, and approx 50 minutes after they started, OFF! departs to rapturous applause from the crowd… and we gather outside in the fading light, and acknowledge we have just seen a very great band. Intense, in your face and on the road with a vengeance, go see them!

Pete Craven

Kerrang! Awards Gallery feature 2012

kerrangawards2012logoA few pints in and we arrive at the brewery with Enter Shikari to find free booze on tap and some strange frogspawn type food on the ends of wooden spoons. I had to try one but looking back I have no idea what it was. It stayed in my stomach though, washed down with a mohito and a can of weak beer, lunch was done.

Welcome to the Kerrang! Awards 2012, one of our favourite piss up’s of the year. The lovely organisers decided to give us seats next to none other than Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne who sat with his wife Sharon and Kelly. Thankfully there was no dog shit to be seen under the table like in their house of madness. I did check.

As bands and hangers on guzzled champagne, Tenacious D’s Jack Black hit the stage to massive applause and picked up a Service to Rock award, various other awards were handed out to Mastodon, Machine Head, You Me At Six and others, an Aussie comedian laid into the Queen, Slash walked his walk and we threw sausages at emo kids.

We won the Award for stickering up the bogs and playing records badly at the after party. Now we have large hangovers. Thanks Kerrang! Hopefully next year we can can share frogspawn with Slayer. Enjoy the pics.

Ozzy and Sabbath celebrate being the kings of all metal!


Enter Shikari won best live band. Rou Reynolds won best skateboard hat of the night and Hero of the Year Award. Drummer Rob Rolfe won the award for the best piss into a bottle on the night.


Bring Me The Horizon took the Best Video Award, no pissing involved here.

Ever wondered why Kerrang! Icon Slash is so called?


Yep, of course we drank Tony Iommi’s beer. It was Carlsberg though so no wonder he left it.

The Best British Newcomer Award was well celebrated by While She Sleeps.


Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols welcomed us with open arms.

glenmatlock_crossfire_zacleeks_james sherry
Hawk Eyes love a bit of sausage. Fact.

The man with the best riffs in the biz knows. Inspiration Award won hands down.


Pork cocktail anyone?

Find the full award list from the night here.

Clapham Common skatepark open this week

The newly build skatepark in Clapham Common, built by Freestyle Skateparks is open officially this Saturday in South London. The 500m2 float finish concrete has been built with resurfaced skateable grade tarmacadam extending the park to approx’ 1500m2. The park that had London Borough of Lambeth behind it looks fun and can be found on the junction of Rookery Road. Here’s some recent pics.







John Rattray Behind the Artist Reel

Whatever the reason, there are little things better than writing a news piece about John Rattray. The same goes with reading ’em, it means there’s something rad coming your way. This is no exception.

John Rattray has updated his Predatory Bird blog again in a slightly off-character non-esoteric fashion. The post contains a stream of photos taken while John was filming for that amazing Artist Reel for Elwood.

Click on the ridiculousness below and have a read.

Watch: Etnies 2010 Montage

As with what seems to be expected with skate company edits in January, Etnies have raided their hard drives and tapes and compiled a montage of some of their favourite stuff from the year just gone.

But as it’s Etnies, they’ve gone a little extra to bringing us the very best of what a 12 month round up can be and have posted a nice blog post complete with photos and memories of the year taken and written by Sam McGuire.

Click this link to have a read of his favourite moments working with the Etnies team and watch the awesome montage below. The clip features skating from Davis Torgerson, Jose Rojo, Willow, Sean Malto, Kyle Leeper, Tyler Bledsoe and Mikey Taylor.

2010 End of the year montage from etnies europe on Vimeo.

Xmas Jam After Party Gallery

The combination of crippling recession, crippling spinal damage and the crippling flow of time that had Crossfire HQ in its malevolent clutches meant that there was no official after party for this year’s Xmas Jam. After countless emails and messages demanding one however, we asked Mau Mau’s if they wouldn’t mind us bringing a bunch of boozed up skateboarders to their bar and let them run riot after a full day of carnage. Thankfully – and somewhat stupidly – they accepted our request and by midnight the locals had already seen Jason Cloete’s nipples, a tramp armed with a bag full of tins getting more action than anyone else, Daryl Dominguez funking out, the Gnargore crew becoming progressively less coherant and Zac dropping more cheese than anyone could have possibly expected.

Inspired by Jerry Hsu’s messy photoblog, Stanley took a disposable camera and stumbled around like a twat lighting up areas where the sun should never shine. Here’s a brief insight as to what might have happened on that cold December night.

Zac packing the DJ bag with standard Crossfire punk and hip-hop fodder innocently unaware that he will be forced to play nothing but cheese at Mau Mau’s come midnight.

When Death head honcho Zorlac isn’t dishing out friendly advice to skaters outside he’s getting hassled by these two punks.

Special uninvited guest, came in through the back door.

Lady and the tramp.

Tom ‘Street Queers’ Halliday gets his soul captured for once.

Nick and Danny are pretty close. You should have seen the spooning action on Stanley’s sofa.

Jason Cloete gets a good vantage point to scout out anyone who might put him up for the night.

Brewer getting all euphoric and shit.

Getting passionate!

Arran Burrows proved popular in some DIY Crossfire shirt we knocked up in about two seconds.

Not too sure who started this shirts off business, but it caught on fast.

Real fast.

Though sadly it was mostly just Arran and Jason.

Tom Gillespie bringing the Wizard’s Council to Mau Mau’s.

Alan Christensen living the dream.

“The Crossfire Xmas Jam ruined my life” – Brewer.

Jay Maldonado photo series with Zoo York

Zoo York have recently unveiled the new ‘Locals Only‘ series a collaboration with skater-turned photographer Jay Maldonado.

The decks look absolutely banging and having someone born and raised in the lower east-side of Manhattan taking flicks make this super legit. Click here for an exclusive interview Zoo York did with the man himself and have a look below for the decks.