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Petition for new skatepark in Charlton

The only skate connection we know of in Charlton is that UK Santa Cruz 80s legend Shane O’Brien works at the football ground manicuring their pitch, but that aside, the local area needs a new skatepark and this is where your help is needed.

A new petition is doing the rounds for a new park to be built in in Charlton Park, SE7, so if you skate, please sign it as one day you may need support from others for your own. Head here to exchange 30 seconds of your life for the cause and spread the word.


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Bay 66 to close next Friday for redevelopment from Nike

Bay Sixty Skatepark tops the news for a second week running. Why? Well, after much planning and secrecy round these parts, the skatepark has scored a 2 year lease after fighting the system for the last couple of years and have allowed Nike to come in and redevelop the place over the next 8 weeks. So the Go Skateboarding Day jam next Thursday will officially be the last before it is completely bulldozed and rebuilt over the summer with a state of the art refit.

The plans for what they have in mind down here are pretty mindblowing but these will be rolled out soon. In the meantime get hyped on a FREE day of skating with their team riders skating the final session with others from 6.45pm. Details here.

Don’t be fooled though into thinking that the skatepark is safe forever just because a brand has announced its involvement in developing the park. Bay 66 still needs your support and needs it right now. The park needs to have a long term future and not just 2 years, so please sign the petition that is online here and do your bit. It takes 3 minutes of your life. Even if you are viewing this from another part of the country or outside of the country, London’s skateboarders need your help.

Watch the 2010 Xmas Jam to reminisce some of the good times we have had at the park next door to Crossfire and look forward to what is to come in the future.


Help decide the future of Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark

As you may remember from December 2010’s appeal, Bay Sixty 6 skate park in London was under threat due to various plans being proposed to turn the park into offices. Since then, the owners of the skatepark have fought a hard battle to renew their lease for another two years and the local council now recognise that there needs to be a facility for us. The park will be issuing a statement soon about redeveloping the park which will be more good news for you but this battle has not ended yet, it still needs your help, and it needs it right now.

Why? Because the long term future of the park is still under threat and there’s more for us to do to secure its future.

Proposed plans to put offices on the skatepark site remain. The council have said that an alternative location for the skatepark would have to be provided. BUT there is no specific alternative for relocating the park. The draft plans are not specific enough to guarantee the future of the skatepark and we ask that you join us in petitioning the planning department of Kensington and Chelsea council further.

The new petition is now live and needs your support today at to raise awareness of just how important it is to keep this alive over time.

This is very important, so please read this and sign it today and then spread this post on your facebook page by liking the page above, linking this post through twitter and emailing it to your friends today too. Everyone you know connected with the park should sign this asap and do their bit in helping the long term future of London’s only privately run skatepark.

Here’s our last Xmas Jam video from the Bay to remind you why we need to keep this skatepark alive and continue to bring people in our scene together. Thanks for your support.

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Support Newport Skatepark petition here

Welsh locals have launched a petition that will send out a message to the suits out there to keep Newport Skatepark up and running until they have built a suitable replacement. At the moment rumours are circulating that users have been “kept in the dark until now about the proposed demolition of this well used facility“.

Watch Freestyle’s fun annual event that brings the locals of Newport together below at The Edge and show your support by signing this petition here.

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Save BaySixty6 Campaign on BBC Radio

The on-going fight to keep Bay 66 under the Westway has hit the airwaves as Gaby Roslin and Paul Ross interviewed Chris Bailey of the Westway Development Trust on Monday’s Breakfast Show on BBC London.

The interview is primarily concerned with the location of the park, which as the BBC reporter points out, appears to have already been decided by the Westway Development Trust looks set to change as office space and gardening centres are likely to be more profitable.

It’s good to see that both Gaby and Paul challenge Chris’ statements with both the social and cultural significance of the park’s current location, backing this up with words from a 9 year old local skateboarder called Alex. As we know, the current location of Baysixty6 is where thousands of young people across the UK are accustomed to going to on a regular basis throughout the year. To change the location of one of country’s most important skateparks would have gross consequences to the scene no matter what.

It remains up to us skateboarders to let our voices and opinions be heard and convince those planning on relocating or closing the park that it is in the best interest of the city of London to let this cultural institution stay where it is.

To listen to the show, follow this link and skip ahead to the 2:16:20 mark to get straight into the discussion.

For those of you who have been directed here by the radio show, please join the Save BaySixty6 Facebook page where you will find continually updated information and pleaseĀ sign the petition here.