Catch the Shadows with Perfect Blues

In the lead up to the Perfect Blues premieres in February, James Harris has dropped some footage of Ollie Lock, Jess Young and Sam Austin, Jason Lewer, Barber, Phil Parker and Frankie Darby in Bristol for you to watch before the full length is exposed.

The film has footage of those mentioned plus Dave Wallace, Jed Cullen, Ash Hall, Josh Arnott, Channon Wallace, Jimmy Hart, Andy Coleman, Ryan Chamberlain, Phil Parker and more. Look out for it.

Jed Cullen drops into Barca for Perfect Blues

2012 has been a great year for Jed Cullen. Watch some tricks that are excess to the final cuts for the upcoming Perfect Blues independent skate video that is scheduled for 2013 by James Harris filmed on the beach front in Barcelona.

Perfect Blues – Filming in Progress with Jed Cullen from James Harris on Vimeo.