Richie Jackson Death Skateboards Part

jacksonDeath’s finest magician known as Richie Jackson has delivered more quirky gems in this new section. Creativity in skateboarding is everything and this bloke seems to have box loads. Always a pleasure to watch, never dull. press play for the sweets.

Read our interview with Richie with more amazing footage here.

Eric Valladares’ Bum Wine part


This has got to be up there with the very best choices of video titles, especially if you are British. This crew come from NYC headed up by Dennis Williford who follows his SMEGMA video with Bum Wine. Eric Valladares‘ part dropped today, wait for the log ride and scroll down for more skating from this flick from Virginian ripper Richie Dahland on a 10″ coffin deck.

Pick up the DVD here.

Jerry Hsu interview on the Chromeball

The Chromeball Incident had a chat with Jerry Hsu about his forthcming Made 2 part for Emerica that is being filmed right now, watching Spanky turn it around at Baker, his slams and injuries over the years, Osiris days and much more.

“Pro skaters are the most insecure people in the world. They constantly need reassurance. Is this cool? Did I do that okay? Should I do this again? Filmers and photographers seriously have to deal with so much insecure skater crap.”

Jerry Hsu Portrait