Globe EU Trippin Tour video

Ph: Paul Hart – Switch Heel on SB7 shot by Maksim Kalanep


Watch Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Rodney Mullen, Louie Barletta, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Anton Myhrvold, Fries Taillieu, Charles Collet, and Phillip Schuster skate Oxford and Southbank plus other European spots in Globe’s new EU Trippin Tour video from their tour this July.

Classics: Tom Penny in Menikmati


All hail Tom Penny from his Menikmati section for éS back in 2000. French Fred left some words about it:

“When I was editing Menikmati, it was pretty cool to go thru old tapes containing Penny footage, that other people filmed. At the time of Menikmati, Tom was in a very dark period, getting new footage with him was pretty much mission impossible. So we decided to use old archives for this part, whatever cool stuff we would find, then saving whatever new stuff for his Flip “Sorry” part. For this Menikmati part, I only filmed the switch front foot impossible on the hip!”

Oxford Wheels Project bans Scooters from new park


Maybe this could well be a first for all new skatepark builds, maybe this is a one off. Who knows, but right now, Oxford’s skaters will be celebrating the fact that they will not have to run the risk of injuring themselves with scooter kids rolling around everywhere now a ban has been enforced in their new park when it opens.

OWP appreciate that scooter riders are the next generation of skater and BMXers and we may one day eat our words but for the success of this unique facility the management committee have decided to ban the use of scooters. This we believe will ensure maximum fair usage of the facility and safeyy of park users. Bare in mind – people are not banned from this park we have built. Just scooters. If you want to ride a board or a bike you are welcome.”

Visit the Oxford Skate Project for updates on the new build underway by Wheelscape that is situated at Meadow Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 4BJ. It’s not finished yet so look out for updates on the opening date when it is announced.

Meadow Lane Ramps vs 20 Tonne Digger

The hallowed spine ramp at Meadow Lane, Oxford gets torn to pieces by a 20 tonne digger to make way for the new skate park. Somtimes you have to take the pain to move your local spot forward. Wheelscape will make hearts and minds feel much better very soon. Scroll down the page for the new plans.

meadowlane_oxford_new skatepark_plans

meadowlane_oxford_new skatepark_plans

meadowlane_oxford_new skatepark_plans

Quiksilver Ole Oxford shirt

Having never worn Quiksilver clothing before, this came as a complete surprise. Usually when I think Quiksilver, surfing comes to mind but their new core skate range is impressing by each garment that is being pulled out of the box here.

The Ole Oxford shirt is so soft that you will be going back a few years and remiscing on when your dinner was made for you and carried to bed. It comes with a single pocket on the left of your chest, a very small collar that can be buttoned down and zero branding making this a total winner. No big surf logos, no crazy red and whiteness, just plain, and beautiful and extremely soft to the touch.

I can safely say that once ironed and out of the wash, this will be one of your favourite shirts this winter.