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Zoo York – Goodfeathers 7.6″

Pigeons are my favourite animal ever. They’ve got a bad reputation and I dig that. This rep stems from the same breed of idiots that attribute notions of purity and peace to those butter-wouldn’t-melt bastard doves. Despite the dove and the pigeon being in the same family of birds, they are dismissed as a disease-riddled nuisance. Never to be put down by racial profiling, the pigeon is so bad-ass it just struts around cities where ever it pleases, eating up whatever we’re too lazy to put in a bin. The pigeon is an urban bird that quite obviously doesn’t give a fuck. And I love them.

So imagine my delight when Zoo York put out a board with a flock of up-to-no-good pigeons lurking on top of the tallest building in the sprawling menagerie that is New York. The caption reads ‘plotting doom from high upon the empire state building’ and that’s precisely what they’re up to. These birds belong in the same cage that houses the likes of Forrest Kirby, Zered Basset, Aaron Suski and other wood-pushers that are simply too gnarly to exist outside of some sort of enclosure. It’s only fair that my bros the pigeons get a pro board too.

The deck itself rides like a dream made straight from the concrete jungle. The very place that according to Alicia Keys has an assembly line specifically designed to pump out dreams as relentlessly as time passes. The only difference is that this dream is a solid piece of wood, but it did come from a similar assembly line. Zoo York regularly produce excellent planks to ride and this is no exception. It also happens to have the raddest graphic I’ve seen from them in some time. Hold tight Zoo York and hold tight pigeons.