Watch Hawk, Cab and Mountain skate Radlands 1995

tonyhawk_radlandsThis was a rare treat to wake up to this morning. Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero skating street at Radlands UK Champs comp back in 1995. Northampton’s most historic skate park hosted the best jams ever back in the day.

Long live the memories of all of the sessions that went down there. Enjoy this.

Watch Unabomber demo 1999 with Baker, Stephens, Todd +

Here’s one from the vaults. Watch Vaughan Baker, Franklin Stephens, Alan Rushbrooke, Harry, Olly Todd, Pete Helicar and Toby Shuall repping the Unabomber team from 1999 skating the old bus station skatepark in Norwich. It says on this video description that this was the 1st and only demo featuring all of the original team members. (Paul Sylvester was there but injured.) Nothing like a blast from the past.

Press play and note that Alan Rushbrooke features in Monster Network’s Lords of the Swords edit here. Have you voted yet?