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Xmas Jam After Party Gallery

The combination of crippling recession, crippling spinal damage and the crippling flow of time that had Crossfire HQ in its malevolent clutches meant that there was no official after party for this year’s Xmas Jam. After countless emails and messages demanding one however, we asked Mau Mau’s if they wouldn’t mind us bringing a bunch of boozed up skateboarders to their bar and let them run riot after a full day of carnage. Thankfully – and somewhat stupidly – they accepted our request and by midnight the locals had already seen Jason Cloete’s nipples, a tramp armed with a bag full of tins getting more action than anyone else, Daryl Dominguez funking out, the Gnargore crew becoming progressively less coherant and Zac dropping more cheese than anyone could have possibly expected.

Inspired by Jerry Hsu’s messy photoblog, Stanley took a disposable camera and stumbled around like a twat lighting up areas where the sun should never shine. Here’s a brief insight as to what might have happened on that cold December night.

Zac packing the DJ bag with standard Crossfire punk and hip-hop fodder innocently unaware that he will be forced to play nothing but cheese at Mau Mau’s come midnight.

When Death head honcho Zorlac isn’t dishing out friendly advice to skaters outside he’s getting hassled by these two punks.

Special uninvited guest, came in through the back door.

Lady and the tramp.

Tom ‘Street Queers’ Halliday gets his soul captured for once.

Nick and Danny are pretty close. You should have seen the spooning action on Stanley’s sofa.

Jason Cloete gets a good vantage point to scout out anyone who might put him up for the night.

Brewer getting all euphoric and shit.

Getting passionate!

Arran Burrows proved popular in some DIY Crossfire shirt we knocked up in about two seconds.

Not too sure who started this shirts off business, but it caught on fast.

Real fast.

Though sadly it was mostly just Arran and Jason.

Tom Gillespie bringing the Wizard’s Council to Mau Mau’s.

Alan Christensen living the dream.

“The Crossfire Xmas Jam ruined my life” – Brewer.