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Rune Glifberg and Nicky Guerrero destroy Copenhagen

Take a peep at this backside smith?! Click play for amazing footage of Rune Glifberg and Nicky Guerrero destroying Copenhagen’s most demonic concrete walls.

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Malmö’s Ultra Bowl comp footage and results

The annual jam down at Malmö’s Ultra Bowl went off last weekend for the third time in Sweden. Kevin Kowalski continued to pick up the plaudits with a win in the pro jam event and Danish veteran, Nicky Guerrero took the Masters ahead of UK legends Sean Goff and Paul Atkins. Watch the footage of this comp below.

Pro Results:

1. Kevin Kowalski
2. Brad McClain
3. Ben Hatchell
4. Cody Lockwood
5. Steven Reeves
6. Andy Macdonald
7. Fernando Bramsmark
8. Mattias Nyhlen
9. Benji Galloway
10. Josh Mattson

Malmö Ultra Bowl III Masters results:

1. Nicky Guerrero
2. Sean Goff
3. Paul Atkins
4. Lester Kasai
5. Sasha Steinhorst
6. Dave Toms

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Smoking session in Copenhagen’s new concrete park

Copenhagen has welcomed a huge new concrete bowl called the Faellenparken. It’s a beast.

Watch this footage of Raven Tershy, Ben Schroeder, Peabody, Nicky Guerrero, and Raney Beres and look forward to footage of Rune Glifberg shredding this place at some point. You know it will be worth the wait.