D*Face releases epic new book The Monograph

Those who have read the Southbank coffee table book would be aware that Crossfire and D*Face shared their very first skate sessions back in the 80s as school kids and grew up learning how to ollie together ahead of shredding every spot around Surrey and London we could find. Dean Stockton, aka D*Face, is on the cusp of dropping a stunning new book tomorrow containing 20 years worth of exceptional artwork as the follow up to his epic debut coffee table publication, The Art of D*Face – One Man & His Dog that was released five years back.

Last night we visited his studio to flick through his first copy of The Monograph that that was fuelled by skateboarding, punk rock, hip hop, carrots and boulders*. It’s a monstrous insight into his private world derived from our collective scene and depicting his stickers, posters, art pieces and murals that have brightened up streets, lamp posts, galleries and the faces of tall buildings across the globe.

Inspired by the work of Jim Phillips, Winston Smith and Shepard Fairey (who shares words in the opening pages) The Monograph should be on your Christmas list for a visual treat that is designed to inspire. You can pick it up at the Book Depository now (with a 10% discount), shipping worldwide and released tomorrow.

Those who can identify all the decks on the wall behind him i the photo above will win interweb nerd bragging rights…


Bath Skatepark – have a look around

Photos: Tom Sparey


Bath’s Royal Victoria Park has been a staple meet up for locals in the area for decades. The vert ramp that once stood tall brought legendary sessions, copious amounts of folklore and also launched a few memorable names too.

The build, funded by North East Somerset Council didn’t hold back when it came to their support of this project. With new design plans coming from locals in a strong user group and the council’s will to go big, they’ve ended up with a reputable park that should serve generation after generation.


Since it was redeveloped by Canvas Spaces and opened to the public on the 26th September the new concrete has had visitors coming from afar to check it out. Josh Young was pretty much the first to get some footage on the new bowl. Canvas Spaces’ super smooth ‘crete supplied the tools whilst Josh made it look easy.

Veteran ripper Sean Goff also made a trip there from his hometown of Oxford and vowed that it’s “well worth a visit”. A lot of bowls are being built around the UK but “most of it is small though. This is one of the few decent size bowls built this year.” Scroll down for his footage.

A video posted by Josh Young (@manhead) on

The NPNG crew from Bournemouth laid down this new edit for Danny Bulmer’s lens to give you a good understanding of the hubba, ledge and stair set up near the bowl. Nicky Porter, Tobias Moors, Todd Langdon and Alex Tibble all in the mix with Bulmer too. Have a good look around and plan your trip soon before the winter arrives.

Address: Royal Victoria Park, Park Lane, Bath BA1 3BA. Map here.


Well played Bath….

First roll at Baths new skatepark…It's well worth a visit.

Posted by Sean Goff on Sunday, October 11, 2015



Footage of Liverpool’s Glow in the Dark skatepark

Ph: Christopher Thomond / Guardian


Wheelscape‘s latest build in Everton Park, Liverpool is not your regular concrete hole. The addition of the first Glow in the Dark bowl the United Kingdom has seen has made tongues wag in the media who say “it’s one of the deepest bowls in the UK”, but spooky concrete aside, what is it like to skate?

This new video from Wheelscape released today doesn’t give much away on the bowl front, aside from it looks quite mellow and not as deep as the Guardian make out. Russell Heideman’s edit does showcase though the amazing looking blocks and ledges that surround the bowl making this place look like it could be really fun to skate.

Hopefully we will see Howard Cooke charging that bowl soon but until then, enjoy this footage with skating coming from Channon Wallace, Ryan Gabison, Charlie Comrie, Ryan Cunningham, Matt Wootton, Charlie Birch, Matt Popek as well and more. It’s looks well worth a visit.

Address: Everton Park, Liverpool. Map.


World’s first multi-story skatepark for Folkestone?


Anything goes these days so seeing a multi-storey skatepark idea wasn’t that much of a surprise, but when you look into the design and construction idea that Guy Hollaway Architects have proposed Folkestone’s skate scene, you can imagine they are salivating at the prospect of it becoming a reality.

Each floor has its own function, including ‘an international standard bowl floor, a flow park and a street floor’. This can also be skated from floor to floor, so it’s easy to imagine the possibilities of what the outcome will be knowing that most of us enjoy skating a public car park for that very reason, specially when it’s raining.

It could well be signed off following a public consultation this weekend and plans being submitted within 8 weeks. Fingers crossed it goes ahead and they find someone special to make it incredible, such as Canvas Spaces, whose plans for the incredible new Bath skatepark will be announced on here very soon.






New 2.5 hour James Lavelle mix online

UNKLE head honcho James Lavelle has returned with a new 2.5 hour mix this week. Living in my Headphones pt 1 ‘A Night’s Interlude’ has his usual mix of genres and overall vibes, first in a while.

“Whilst the band is taking a break I have been getting back to basics and starting to DJ again and work on some more electronic tracks and remixes. Living In My Headphones is the new title of a series I will continue for the foreseeable future with this being the first. As it’s been a while since I have done a mix I wanted to provide a soundtrack to my DJing both past and present with numerous exclusives, edits and remixes, some tracks from past mixes in new forms, classics and new brand new music. Being 2 and a half hours it is also very reflective of a live club DJ set, not split into different parts but as one continuous set and how I like to play out. I hope you can enjoy it both subtly as a soundtrack to your day or night, in headphones or cranked up as if you were right there with me in a club.”

Download it here.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/80193105″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Politic Skateboards launches with new promo video

politic_skateboards_logoSteve Durante and Brian Brown are now pro’s for a new deck company in the US called Politic that has launched this week. Watch this tasty promo welcoming Durante and Brown plus Curtis Rapp and Jason Spivey who make up the am squad and scroll down to have a gander at the their new wood.

introducing… from Politic. on Vimeo.