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Watch Shads trailer- Mark Kendrick’s full length video

shadsManchester is a power house for scene videos so there’s no surprise to see today that Mark Kendrick is about to release his tale of what goes down locally and further afield. Shads is his full length scene video filmed across the UK and Europe, scheduled for release in 2013- and by the looks of this new promo, it should be a banger.

Watch this trailer that hit the web overnight featuring Tony Da Silva, Joe Gavin, Dom Henry, Louie Brownlie, Paul Hill, Eddie Belvedere, Fergie Anderson, Jiří Bulín, Frank Stephens who will all have sections and many more.

Shads promo from mark kendrick on Vimeo.

Skateboarding News

5Boro Join or Die UK premieres, pro’s and new trailer

The 5BORO crew in NYC are ready to drop their premiere of “JOIN, or DIE” DVD on February 16th across the pond. UK premieres have been scheduled in many skate shops across the country, read below to see if one will be shown in your area.

In related news, Joe Tookmanian and Willy Akers join the pro ranks today and a new trailer hit the web. Watch it below and look out for a video interview feature on here soon.

Expect full parts from Willy Akers, Danny Falla, Guillaume Dulout, Dan Pensyl, Jimmy Mcdonald, Joe Tookmanian and a Family & Flowtrash montage and look out for updates and adddition on these dates in this thread over the next two weeks.

Friday 17th Feb ’12 – The Big Chill (upstairs bar) | BRISTOL | 7PM
Monday 20th Feb ’12 – Surfers Yard | SOMERSET | 7PM
Monday 20th Feb ’12 – Freestyle | NEWPORT | 4PM
Monday 20th Feb ’12 – Reskue | SOUTHAMPTON | 6PM
Monday 20th Feb ’12 – SJ’s Skatestore | Truro | 8PM
Monday 20th Feb ’12 – Ideal | BIRMINGHAM | 6PM
Wednesday 22nd Feb ’12 – LCB (Mile End) | LONDON | 7PM
Wednesday 22nd Feb ’12 – Bored Skate Shack | ST AUSTELL | 7PM
Thursday 23rd Feb ’12 – Detour | BATH | 9PM
Thursday 23rd Feb ’12 – Exist Skatepark | SWANSEA | 9PM
Thursday 23rd Feb ’12 – Route One | BRIGHTON | 7PM
Thursday 23rd Feb ’12 – Nonstop | NOTTINGHAM | 8PM
Friday 24th Feb ’12 – SS20 | OXFORD | 615PM
Friday 24th Feb ’12 – Decimal | GLOUCESTERSHIRE | 730PM
Friday 24th Feb ’12 – Endemic | HUDDERSFIELD | 630PM
Friday 24th Feb ’12 – X-Site Skatepark | LINCS | 730PM
Friday 24th Feb ’12 – Simple Skatestore | SHEFFIELD | 7PM
Friday 24th Feb ’12 – Route One | EDINBURGH | 5PM
Friday 24th Feb ’12 – Note | MANCHESTER | 6PM
Saturday 25th Feb ’12 – Drugstore | NORWICH | 7PM
Saturday 25th Feb ’12 – Porthcawl Marine | PORTHCAWL | 7PM
Saturday 25th Feb ’12 – Smash Skates | SUFFOLK | 4PM
Date TBC – Lost Art | LIVERPOOL
Date TBC – Popcorn | YORKSHIRE