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Murs and Fashawn to release collaborative EPs

Murs and Fashawn are teaming up for a joint release.

The double disc EPs will be produced entirely by K-Salaam & Beatnick and called Murs and Me and Me and Fash. During an interview, Fashawn said that the rappers are around 50% done and each disc will see the “Me” in the title taking the lead role.

There are no details on how or when the EPs will be released, but it’s certainly something to look forward to.

The pair is currently configuring how the project will be packaged and released. Fash emphasized the importance of releasing an EP that breaks the mold.

“Yeah, we’re just trying to figure out a creative way to package it and put it out ‘cause you know, me and Murs, we have an extensive catalog. We just wanna do something innovative and fresh and that’s why I like collaborating with each other. This is my first time ever doing an album with another emcee so that should be interesting.”

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Murs announces new album with a video

Not a huge amount to say other than the beat is great and Murs looks a lot better now he’s shaved off that grotty dreadlock he wore for the past five years.

The track is taken from his upcoming album Love & Rockets Vol.1: The Transformation which is dropping October 11 and is produced entirely by Ski Beatz.

Live Reviews

Live review: Murs

Jazz Cafe

The last time I saw Murs on these shores was when he bopped past us outside 93 Feet East in 2004 when we were talking to Eyedea and he decided to make an impromptu appearance to freestyle on stage with E&A, belting out lines about the Queen and football. Many years and many albums later and the man who makes up one half of Felt was back and headlining the Jazz Cafe.

Bouncing onto the stage to his classic You & I, the Living Legend member started as he meant to go on, pogo-ing around with a broad smile on his face, getting the crowd ready for an evening of entertainment. Essentially all you need to know going into a Murs show is that he likes girls. In fact, he loves them. With a set list that boasted the tracks Dirty Girl, Silly Girl and Dark Skinned White Girl, he wasn’t even being subtle about it, but he let all the ladies in the crowd know that he loved them and they should be proud of their, um, private parts.

Taking in tracks like Lookin’ Fly, which included the rapper doing plane impressions and The OJ Song, a song about “when you love someone so much and want to be with them all the time but also want to stab their back every minute of the day”, the set was a blast from start to finish. Whether rapping over 9th Wonder beats, Ant production or Wiz’ Black And Yellow beat, Murs was on top of his game.

Def Jux might be dead, but one of their top names most definitely isn’t.


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Watch: New Murs video

West Coast MC Murs has released a new video.

The track, Varsity Blues, is produced by Aesop Rock and revives the team-up from Felt 3. The video is below and you can check out Murs if you live in London, when he plays Jazz Cafe on Wednesday 13th May, which you should do as he’s a blast live.

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Watch: Murs & Terrace Martin’s Fresh Kicks

Cali rapper Murs has teamed up with Terrace Martin for an album called Melrose and has released a video for one of the tracks on the record.

Fresh Kicks is an ode to fly shoes and gives a nice shout out to Nike SB amongst others. If you’re a sneaker freak or just like some minimal beats and raps, then this is definitely one for you. The collaborative album is out now, so have a watch below and grab the album if you’re into it.

Even if you’re not, watch it for Murs’ hair. We love it.