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RIP – Phil Vane of Extreme Noise Terror

extremenoiseterrorphilvaneRumours that surfaced at the end of last week regarding the passing of Phil Vane have unfortunately turned out to be true.

The 46 year old founding co-vocalist of the British hardcore punk band Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death allegedly passed in his sleep last Thursday and will be missed by many in the punk scene.

Extreme Noise Terror were one of the flagship bands from the 80’s punk and hardcore scenes that had notoriety worldwide alongside Napalm Death and were also favourites of BBC radio presenter John Peel who recorded Sessions with the band for the show that introduced so many people to many underground bands that you would not hear anywhere else at the time.

I remember seeing them play Murder when I was 16 on music program covering independent music called Snub TV and it blew me off the fucking earth! My record collection was suddenly filled with the most raging music ever created including ENT, Electro Hippes, Jailcell Recipes, Napalm Death, Conflict and many others so without the likes of Phil’s raging vocals this site would have never have even been thought about. To that end we owe part of this and our lifestyles from the routes we took from people such as Phil Vane.