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Daewon Song & Marc Johnson Speak Out


The Skateboard Mag have a new interview with Daewon Song and Marc Johnson today who discuss their latest switch from skater owned brands to a billion dollar sports shoe brand. Press play for their own reasons why.

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MJ Leather Echelon Lakai


Lakai’s new drop of MJ’s now come in a wondrous leather version, part of their exclusive Echelon range. A shoe that is highly recommended for skating round these parts now performs off board for all the right reasons: They are leather, simple, comfy and look like perfection.

As someone that loves all these attributes in a skate shoe, these are probably the best chiller option out there right now, plus, if you were at school, you could easily sneak the black versions of these as part of your uniform.

Worn with cargo pants, jeans or chino’s, MJ’s latest smart pro shoe is a must have, especially in that dreamy caramel colourway. Roll on Lakai.



Skateboarding Product Reviews

Lakai MJ Oiled Mahogony skate shoe


If you visit us regularly you will remember that last year when the canvas version of these Lakai MJ’s hit our feet there were some serious high fives going down. Not only has this simple, slim, comfy design moved forward, it’s become a skater’s shoe of choice worldwide.

This month Lakai have released an ‘all weather’ range for the winter months ahead and thankfully these arrived freshly boxed the day before a trip to Portugal’s stormy beaches. The good news is that they came back looking like they did when we left with them on, despite walking around on wet sand whilst we took photos of really bad surfing on 3 foot waves and avoiding puddles all over Lisbon trying to find skate spots. It tanked it down.

The oiled mahogany thing aside though, Lakai have produced a classic, timeless skate shoe that is not pretending to be some lame sports shoe copy, they’ve kept their class and delivered what we need; the shoes we skate.

Ask for them in your local skate shop, the one that really knows their shit – you’ll probably find Lakai’s full all weather range there that should assist you through the coming winter months.


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Chain to Bank – best tricks compilation


British skaters would know that the Chain to Bank spot is owned by Tom Penny, especially with his switch backside flip. Others have smashed it with tricks too though so enjoy this latest Krak comp with Dyrdek, Smolik, Duffy, Bastien, MJ, Richie Jackson, Dobstaff and many more.

Reminisce Penny’s shutdown at this spot:

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Chocolate Skateboards Epicly Later’d episode 3


The 3rd installment of Chocolate Skateboards’ 20 year Epicly Later’d series sees Las Vegas ripper Kenny Anderson in the spotlight discussing his admiration for Brian Lotti as he grew up skating for Chris Miller’s Planet Earth. Marc Johnson‘s journey to the sweet side also makes up half of this episode with tales of the Chocolate Tour, Evan Hecox’ classic artwork and portrait graphics that still remain a huge part of Chocolate’s identity for two decades.

If you missed the first and second episodes from this must watch series from Vice, scroll down and take all of this history in.