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Incoming: The MIA video by Josh Stewart

Welcome to Miami, the MIA Skateshop video, premiered last weekend and is the latest skate video to come from one of the hardest working filmers in the game, and one the biggest advocate of the VX-1000 ever, Josh Stewart.

The trailer for this has been around for some time but the amount of views it’s had on youtube is criminal. His films accurately reflect the passion and effort involved from both the skateboarders and himself, something that very much deserves your support. So while we patiently wait for the DVD to drop sometime very soon here’s the trailer to remind you that there’s definitely one more big banger to ask Father Christmas for this year.

The film features full sections from two rarely seen favourites Ed Selego and Forrest Kirby, as well as other east coast killers, Brian Delatorre, Ben Gore, Joel Meinholz and Paul Deoliveira.