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Metz share new music video


Having released their long awaited second album, II, this week via Sub Pop, Metz have shared a brand new music video for ‘The Swimmer’ to mark the occasion.

Watch the story unfold in a frenzy of Gif-style jitters below, packed with all the Chris Cunningham-esque face stretching and big googly eyes you like.

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Metz live at The 100 Club

metz_100METZ live at The 100 Club,

March 3rd 2015

Canada’s output of noise is nothing short of stunning, throughout history countless amazing bands have consistently travelled to our shores and shook us little Englanders senseless with deadly doses of feedback and fuzz. From D.O.A to Fucked Up, when the Canadians come to town, you know it’s going to get ridiculously loud.

Tonight makes no exception to the rule with Metz wreaking total havoc within seconds of scaling the stage. Their riffs are nothing short of earth shaking, and that’s the thing that sets them far apart from their support bands tonight and every other band that chose to sit on the fence – Metz radiate with a pure, palpable energy with every hit they cook up. From the opening notes of ‘Dirty Shirt’ the whole band are drenched in sweat, frontman Alex Edkins is a man possessed, scrambling around the stage wrestling with his Jazzmaster as if it were a boa constrictor, while the impermeable rhythm section provides a total masterclass in speed and agility.

Righteous crowd pleasers come in the form of 2011 album cuts ‘Wasted’, ‘Knife In The Water’ and ‘Headache’, the opening drum pattern of which has the audience chanting along with the volume of Arsenal at home in an instant. It’s not all safe bets though, Metz offer a delicious preview of new material from their forthcoming album, with the recently teased ‘Acetate’ exploding like a bullet from a gun. And it’s welcomed with open arms as the audience continue to catapult each other through the air as though it were an old favourite.

The prowess and energy these three Canadians exude with every riff, snare crack and scream tonight is truly remarkable. Though the crowd are a mere fraction of the size compared to our 2013 encounter at Village Underground, Metz rule the width of The 100 with ease.

Dave Palmer

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Sub Pop

After what feels like an eternity, Toronto’s most wanted are back. These three peddlers of noise have had us all on tenterhooks since their 2012 debut shook the earth with a colossal helping of riffs, rawness and power, and today marks their triumphant return in the form of ‘Acetate’, the most frenzied four-minutes you’re guaranteed to hear this week.

‘Acetate’ picks up right where tracks like ‘Wet Blanket’ and ‘Wasted’ left off. Their unmistakeable guitar and bass grind fused with head busting drums creates a sound only describable as manic. The track leads METZ’s second album, fittingly titled METZ II, which is due May 4th via Sub Pop and will feature the artwork pictured here.

Watch their new pancake-focused visual below and do whatever you must to get a ticket for their sold-out show at The 100 Club on March 3rd.

Metz II Track Listing:
1. Acetate
2. The Swimmer
3. Spit You Out
4. Zzyzx
5. IOU
6. Landfill
7. Nervous System
8. Wait in Line
9. Eyes Peeled
10. Kicking a Can of Worms

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Metz’s Previous 7” For Free Download

Recent Sub Pop signing METZ have made all their previous works available for FREE download via their bandcamp. The back catalogue download will give new fans an idea of the musical journey of METZ leading up to their incredible self titled LP, due out on October 15th.

Catch the band live as they embark on a mini tour this autumn:

21st – Leeds, The Library
22nd – Glasgow, The Art School
23rd – Manchester, Kraak Gallery
24th – London, Old Blue Last

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Metz vs Sub Pop

Toronto based hardcore band called Metz should be on your radar this year. They have signed to Sub Pop this week so get a first few bars of what’s coming and trust us that the Metz album is going to be one that we will be discussing by the end of the year.

Crunching stuff.

You can hear their Wet Blanket demo here: