Parkway Drive Live at The Roundhouse, London

w/ Emmure, The Words Alive, Structures

The Roundhouse, London

Parkway Drive are the headliners at tonight’s show at a packed out London Roundhouse, and judging from the expectant air looming about the venue, it’s going to be a great night.

Up first are the techiest band tonight; Structures. They sound great and manage to get the crowd pumped up early in the night. Definitely one to watch live, as they sound a great deal more powerful on a stage than a CD.

Next on are The Word Alive, who blend melody and heaviness superbly. They manage to cram loads of songs into their relatively short set and the crowd seem to be warming to them by the middle of the performance. Pleasingly, the band seem utterly grateful to be able to play to so many people, and thank the crowd over and over, which is good to see!

Emmure are probably the ultimate marmite band. Yes, lots of people will turn their noses up at them, but they manage to pull off one of the best live performances of the year tonight. They sound monumentally heavy, and the crowd react to all of frontman Frankie’s commands without thought. They too sound better live than on a cd, thanks to massive tone and drums, along with Frankie’s unique vocal delivery. Grand.

Parkway Drive however, will ALWAYS steal the show when it comes to a live performance. Packing 2 projectors and all the lights you’d ever want onto the stage tonight, PWD are on perfect form, sounding monstrous as usual. They are deliver their set like it was their last ever show, with the crowd response matching as they go mental throughout the entire performance. With a lengthy setlist comprising of all their best songs from previous records and some huge new tracks from new release ‘Atlas’, their show is pretty much spot on, and they remain THE live band to beat. Very, very impressive indeed.

The Word Alive
Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive

Words & Photos: Jake Owens

August Burns Red Live In Photos

Back in late October one of the heaviest shows of the year graced London: headliners August Burns Red joined by two infamously brutal live acts, The Devil Wears Prada and Veil of Maya for a night of metalcore mayhem.

Naturally, Christian metallers August Burns Red destroyed the night with hard hitting tracks such as ‘Leveller’, ‘Internal Canon’ and ‘Empire’ blowing away the audience with sub-drops resounding in ear drums long after the show closed. We sent photographer Tim Easton to capture the night’s events. Here’s what he saw through the lens…
Photos: Tim Easton

Veil of May, Electric Ballroom
Veil of Maya
Veil of May, Electric Ballroom
Veil of Maya
Veil of Maya
The Devil Wears Prade, Camden
The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada
August Burns Red
August Burns Red
August Burns Red
August Burns Red
August Burns Red

Parkway Drive



After creating an exceptional album with ‘Deep Blue’ expectations are high for Parkway Drive‘s November 2012 full length release ‘Atlas‘. Having such a large and passionate fan-base, Parkway Drive could put out a duff record and it still be widely adored, but there is no need for concern as the Australian quintet have yet again composed an astounding record.

Despite moving away from the completely conceptual approach of ‘Deep Blue’, Parkway Drive stick to the same format as other releases and open with an instrumental piece that slowly builds expectation when dark lyrics capture attention. Anticipation is intensely hanging in the air as ‘Old Ghosts / New Regrets’ roars into action with a driven speed that demands a mosh-pit to open.

Noting the success of the anthemic ‘Home Is For The Heartless’ from their last album, Parkway Drive have offered a few more dramatic and powerful moments which will surely cause unity at a live show. ‘The River’ and ‘Wild Eyes’ could easily fill a stadium whilst title-track ‘Atlas’ includes some exciting moments that reflect Bleeding Through’s orchestral approach.

If old-school, meaty Parkway Drive riffs are what you are crave there are still several tracks that cater for those hungry needs including ‘Sleigh of Hand’ which hosts licks similar to ‘Idols And Anchors’. And for those after a fast-paced assault on the ears, look no further than one of the closing tracks ‘Snake Oil And Holy Water’ which is sure to rip a new one into any venue.

As a whole ‘Atlas’ encompasses the true essence of what every fan loves about Parkway Drive. It could be seen as a more polished version of ‘Killing With A Smile’ whilst embracing the mature moments of ‘Deep Blue’.

Parkway Drive aren’t doing anything unconventional, they aren’t re-writing metalcore; they are continuing to define it. Each album the band produce develops over time as a milestone in the genre, in a few years time ‘Atlas’ will be reflected upon in the same inspiring light as all of their other works. Ultimately, Parkway Drive continue to set the standard in metalcore, a marker in musical excellence that very few others will reach.

Words: Emma Wallace

Pierce The Veil Live at The Underworld

w/Crown The Empire, The Getaway Plan

The Underworld, London
21st September 2012

It’s a great feeling when you can sense excitement in the air. Tonight’s show at Underworld sold out long in advance and every punter inside this dungeon like venue is experiencing the same static charge that makes neck hair stand to attention. Senses are heightened as the show kicks off.

First on are Australian rockers The Getaway Plan. After a short hiatus the boys are over on our shores to seduce with their impressive melodies. Definitely the most mainstream of all acts on the bill tonight, but there’s no shame in that when the sophisticated ‘The Reckoning‘ is delivered to perfection. The Getaway Plan perform solidly, and will most definitely have drawn in a few new fans with their set.

Crown The Empire are what many dislike about metalcore these days. Their gimmick laden nonsense wins the hearts of the crowd but would see metal gods of the past turning in their graves. Random dustup elements, generic riffs and mock brutal breakdowns with dual clean and screamed vocals defines their music. Imagine The Blackout combined with Asking Alexandria finished off with an overdose of American sleaze. In their matching suits and styled haircuts Crown The Empire are every scene kid’s wet dream. Fair play to the band, they know what is working in the market currently, they will develop a loyal following from younger metal fans, but their musical integrity is questionable.

Just like with Crown The Empire, the average age of a Pierce The Veil fan at the Underworld tonight seems to be about 16. But the difference with Pierce The Veil is that their music can appeal to a much wider audience than those screaming in front of them; their music isn’t made to target a particular market, their sound feels sincere and a genuine combination of heart-felt cultural and musical influences.

With tracks from ‘Collide The Sky‘ now making a welcome appearance on PTV’s set list, their repertoire has been turned up a notch. The fast paced ‘Hell Above‘ makes for a triumphant opener that instantly portrays the bands intent to make this show a great one. ‘Bulls In The Bronx‘ contains one of this years sweetest solos and proves to be song structure excellence in a live environment. Old favourites like ‘Caraphernelia‘ and ‘Bulletproof Love‘ result in mass sing-alongs and crowd surfing frenzies. Ending with ‘King For A Day‘ sums up Pierce The Veil’s dominance, they own this show and have performed impeccably tightly in this crowed sweat box.

Pierce The Veil provide a masterclass tonight. Although they could be battling in an over saturated market, they are carving their own way, breaking out and away from stereotypes with something unique and undeniably special.

Words & Photos: Emma Wallace

As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

[Metal Blade]

As far as metalcore is concerned, few have made the impact that As I Lay Dying have achieved. Arguably pioneers of the movement, and still its leaders, ‘Awakened’ is As I Lay Dying‘s 6th studio album. Expectations for the record are high.

As a whole it doesn’t disappoint; laden with meaty riffs and a tried and tested scream and clean vocal pattern, ‘Awakened‘ is quintessentially an As I Lay Dying record. Blasting in with ‘Cauterize‘ (which was offered as a free download in advance), the band’s intent is made clear from the the first note.

Tracks like ‘Resilience‘ show why the band have stayed close to so many hearts over the years; delicious shredding, tight drums, intoxicating melody and powerful vocals. Tim Lambesis is ever the dominant front man, with a scream second to none, his vocals resound over the music full of strength delivered at high intensity.

Despite ‘Awakened‘ having numerous positives, its hard not to compare it to previous full length, ‘The Powerless Rise’ and unfortunately it doesn’t quite match up. However, this isn’t a real criticism as it is hard to compete with the perfection displayed on their 2010 release. Nonetheless, ‘Awakened‘ will go down as one of this years best metal albums.

Words: Emma Wallace

Obey The Brave

Young Blood

Epitaph Records

Ferocious drumming, intense vocals and deep riffs epitomise Obey The Brave‘s first release through Epitaph records, ‘Young Blood’. Ex-Despised Icon vocalist Alex Erian delivers sinister shouts and brutal screams, an example of his deathcore roots coming into their own and making ‘Young Blood‘ heavy. Very heavy indeed. Yet, although essentially a metalcore album, the two-step rhythms of modern hardcore raise ‘Young Blood‘ head and shoulders above the rest with guest vocals from Terror’s Scott Vogel on ‘Get Real‘ emphasising the ‘core’ element of this genre in all its glory.

With experimental interludes such as ‘Grim‘ flashes of more recent Emmure shine through, but the most relevant comparison has to be to The Ghost Inside’s ‘Get What You Give‘ which was released earlier in 2012. Originality is a slight down fall for Obey The Brave, there are plenty elements similar to Parkway Drive, Stick To Your Guns, Hundredth and many other metal/hardcore acts. But in all honesty Obey The Brave aren’t trying to be something special or something unique; during opener ‘Lifestyle‘ the lyrics “Not trying to reinvent the wheel – we keep it simple, we keep it real,” are performed with vehement passion, this band just want to make an impact with the intensity of their music and with ‘Young Blood’ thats a task well and truely achieved.

Words: Emma Wallace

Of Mice and Men

The Flood (Deluxe 2 Disc Re-Issue)
(Rise Records)

Southern California’s Of Mice & Men are constantly growing in popularity. The band -who are currently on the Vans Warped Tour- have quenched fans’ thirst for new material with a 2 disc deluxe re-issue of their critically acclaimed album ‘The Flood’ featuring 4 new tracks.

The bonus tracks start with a tantalizing instrumental piece ‘The Calm’. The reverberating clean guitars are a beautiful yet eerie experience to behold, clearly implying the saying ‘The calm before the storm’…

As ‘The Storm’ picks up tempo, Austin Carlile’s strained and emotional screams kick start a typical ballsy Of Mice & Men riff. On the original release of ‘The Flood’, ‘Ben Threw’ and ‘Ohioisonfire’ showed Of Mice & Men’s capability to produce intense riffs and rhythms whilst maintaining an underlying bounce, but they are nothing in comparison to the punishing assault of third bonus track, ‘The Flood’ and final new number, ‘The Depths’. It seems that after the departure of Shayley Bourget, clean vocals have been left to one side with the band focusing on a new level of heaviness.

Presented with flowing continuity, the bonus tracks are an impeccable addition to ‘The Flood’. The production of the tracks is highly commendable in its own right, the magnitude of the atmospherics are on the same level as Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep it a Secret’. With its new additions, the re-issue can be appreciated by fans from across the metal spectrum with influential elements of artists such as The Devil Wears Prada, We Came As Romans, Pierce The Veil & even Slipknot shining through.

If first time around, ‘The Flood’ begged to differ that metalcore was a dying art, the re-issue demolishes any ideas that the genre is dated and builds a platform from which Of Mice & Men can dominate the current scene. The flood is coming again.

Words: Emma Wallace

Introducing Sexwolf

sexwolf1It took no longer than 10 minutes to interview Sexwolf. We don’t even have a fitting introduction for them other than their incendiary metallic hardcore reached us last month and some of it kicks arse. So let’s just get to the fucking point…

Who the fuck are Sex Wolf?!

Four guys living that tough life, unions, being on strike, we’re down on our luck, it’s tough, so tough! (Rich – melodies and poetry, Mulv – Bass, Jenk – Skin division, Joe – midget.)

Why the fuck did you call your band Sexwolf?

We like sex as in the act of lovemaking, Coitus. We also think wolves are remarkable animals. What could be better than wolves fucking beast lipstick lovemaking?………We are Sexwolf!

What other fucking names did you have before you chose that one?

We were originally called Statham- as in Jason, cockney, Mexican, crime-fighting, risk taking, bald cunt! His arms are majestic but once you have a random conversation about animal porn, Statham’s always gonna take a back seat!

What the fuck is going on in the Birmingham hardcore scene?

I’ll be brutally honest we havnt got a clue most bands we play with are not local. Every show we have played in Birmingham have been with bands around the country like Failsafe, The Plight, For Eyes who are very good bands! We see ourselves playing around the country and not so much in Birmingham regularly!

Who the fuck do you think you are having a drummer that is capable of sounding like a machine gun?

It’s not intentional he has full body tourettes from an overweight cock!

Why the fuck where you ‘brought up to fuck up’?

If you ever felt like people think you are useless, well I wrote a song about how you feel when cry wanking! Our songs are open to interpretation because we have no idea what they are about we just want you to sing along at full volume!

Who is the biggest fuck up in the band?

As a collective we each have our fuck ups. For instance, Jenk masturbates so often his sister in the next room has to wear headphones to stop the nightmares! Mulv has a big head like in circumference! Rich has the rhythm of a spastic slow lorris on ketamin! Joe is just a prick, midget prick.

Why the fuck do you still have a Myspace page?

Because Tom seemed so friendly.

Why the fuck did Refused get back together?

Deep political reasons. I suppose they are a voice of a generation and own the hardcore scene, oh, and shit loads of money I guess!

Why the fuck are you pro boners and tits?

Listen, this is a serious subject. We love titties. We all sucked on our mother’s until puberty or until dad got jealous! Boners are the reason the world goes round, you know men are a dominate force we are men who stand boner proud! We promote soapy tit wanks!

Why the fuck should people listen to your music?

We promote good times and sound track to fully ram to the point of pleasurable prolapse….we want to bring back a bit of fun at shows everyone is so serious with there shitty, two step bollocks! We want star jumps and leap frogging and human pyramids! Listen to us it will make you smile!

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Take a free download of ‘Brought Up To Fuck Up’: