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Match Light

(self release)

We are fans of the independent here at Crossfire and Joia are eager to get their music out there on their own. In fact, their debut EP will be made available for download entirely free of charge on 16th July. The eponymous lead track ‘Match Light’ expertly marries the downbeat with a more uplifting pre-chorus leading into a chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. We defy you to not have the “sunshiiiiine” melody in your head after hearing the song just once.

Singer Athina’s vocal penetrates the assured instrumentals with its soft melodious quality, resulting in a perfect balance of lilting guitars and sheer melodic delight. This is definitely one for when you’re feeling a bit melancholy, but it’s not without its glimmers of light, as the EP’s title alludes to. These guys are ones to watch, that’s for sure.

Sarah Maynard