Sabotage 4 promo


Fresh footage of Ishod Wair, Mark Suciu, Josh Kalis, Jamal Smith, Walker Ryan, Brian Douglas and Jon Hadley and many more grace the new Sabotage promo edit that went live only hours ago. Get stuck into 6 minutes of Philly goodness and await the full thing in September.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Chris Mulhern returns with another incredible video production today, this time looking back to the good old days of Philadelphia with The Philadelphia Experiment.

This visual treat with Caste was inspired by nostalgia from the deep history of skateboarding in Philly and a military program from 1943. Mulhern’s vision is simply sent back in time to feature vintage and recent HD and VX footage of Mark Suciu, Ricky Geiger, Ishod Wair, Jordan Trahan, Devon Connell, Fred Gall, Matt Reason, Ricky Oyola and many more to create a journey that is not to be missed.

Watch this brilliant 11 minute edit that has hands down taken Skate Edit of the Week.

Call The Vets – East Coast comp with Suciu, Bachinsky +

Due to the blizzards in the US that are keeping people trapped in their homes, Boston filmer Tim Savage has put together a some old East Coast footage of Dave Bachinsky, Mark Suciu and many more filmed in Boston, Lowell, and New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Cityscape featuring Mark Suciu

marksucuiMuch hype has been coming from the US about Mark Suciu. Here’s another reason why his skills on a skateboard should not be overlooked this week.

Watch Cityscape, a section featuring Mark Suciu skating downtown San Jose, California at night with some friends filmed and edited by Justin Albert.

The Habitat team skate Guadalajara, Mexico

Members of the Habitat Skateboards team headed down South to skate Guadalajara in Mexico. Press play for footage of Austyn Gillette, Danny Garcia, Mark Suciu, Guru Khalsa, and Marius Syvanen shredding on refried beans.

San Homies edit with Suciu, Raemers, Page and more

ben_raemersA fantastic new edit that went online this week featuring a whole host of great skateboarding is here for you to enjoy and end your week on.

Watch footage of Jon Nguyen, Mark Suciu, Jonathan Perez, Preston Harper, Barney Page, Daryl Angel, Ben Raemers and many more in this San Homies montage from Justin Albert.