Andy Evans’ Skate Crates Demo’s part 1

skate_cratesThere’s nothing like looking back into UK skate history at footage that has been archived for so long. Our mate Andy Evans has been sat on a bunch of demo footage until this week for Sidewalk‘s Crates series and it’s gold.

In their own words: Part 1 of The Demo’s Episode features footage from the 1991 Powell demo at Bath’s Victoria Park and a combined Faze 7 Real, Plan B and Black Label demo at Shrewsbury from 1992.

A lot of this footage has never been seen before so prepare yourself for footage of Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Mike Manzoori, John Cardiel, Karma, Mark Gonzales, Salman Agah, Tim Brauch (RIP), Alan Peterson, Curtis McCann and more from a time when nobody but skateboarders gave two shits about skateboarding.



Strobeck is back with fresh Supreme team footy kicking off at knife point. Chuck on that bluntslide and get the teas on for footage of Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Tyshawn Jones, Na-kel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Ben Kadow, Jason Dill, Mark Gonzales, Greg Cuadrado, Vincent Touzery and Kevin Rodrigues in Paris.

Krooked Kronichles : Mark Gonzales


To celebrate Gonz’ birthday yesterday Krooked unleashed Mark Gonzales‘ part in the Krooked Kronichles video from 2006.

This has the lot. Longboard inverts, British park slashing, street goofing and a Spike Jonze cameo.

The man is timeless, ageless and still manages to keep us entertained after so many decades. Long live the one and only Gonz.

Classic Mark Gonzales footage fest

mark_gonzales_skateThere’s nobody else out there like the Gonz. He’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and one of the most creatively fun skateboarders who has left more than a legacy to every generation that picks up a deck.

This features footage from Kicked Out Of Everywhere by Real (1999), Reel To Reel by Dan Wolfe (2001), and How They Get There by Spike Jonze (1997) all glued together by Jason Jessee, who introduces three must watch Mark Gonzales video parts for Thrasher’s Classic’s feature.

Get the teas on for 15 minutes of skateboarding gold.

Team Dream Team: A short film by Dillon Buss


This short film by Boston skater Dillon Buss just won the Most Creative award at the film and photography competition Connect The Dots. Four skaters get detention and drift off into dream scenes paying homage to Gonz, tripping on evolution, grinding tree trunks and cruising as superheroes.

Buss has a history for directing and producing the most fun concepts for videos so sit back and take this in. The black and white sequence in this is beautiful and worth its weight alone. Enjoy.

Kyle Leeper Predatory Bird edit

Stereo pro Kyle Leeper is the latest star filmed by the Predatory Bird crew and takes Skate Edit of the Week filmed by Joe Pease. Enjoy a couple of minutes of Kyle linking in and out of his tricks transportation style inspired by Mark Gonzales around the streets of Southern California. Get more from him in an interview over at John Rattray’s blog.

Krooked Spring 2013 catalogue

The Gonz has unleashed a new rocket fueled Zip Zinger on Krooked today. Enjoy the ride and check out the brand new Spring 2013 catalogue. Those Misfits inspired decks (scroll down page) will surely be the envy of the world!

Krooked Rocket Zinger from dlxsf on Vimeo.



Mark Gonzales pop up art show details London

The Gonz is in town this month and has hooked up with Huck Magazine for a one off pop-up art show on Saturday November 10th. One Week, One Show is a 24-hour pop-up show featuring drawings, paintings, affordably priced postcards and experimental scrolls by Mark Gonzales.

All the work was created by The Gonz in the space of seven days, during an impromptu visit to London in November 2012, and will be available to purchase from 71A Leonard St. Prices range from affordable postcards and poetry to intricate, large-scale multi-media scrolls.

Mark Gonzales – One Week, One Show from HUCK Magazine on Vimeo.

Adidas roll out The Obstacle in Paris

silas_baxter_nealRich ‘Badger’ Holland introduces his latest design work at the Paris leg of The Obstacle as rolled out last year by Adidas in London.

Watch Lucas Puig, Silas Baxter-Neal, Mark Gonzales, Benny Fairfax, Nestor Judkins, Lem Villemin, Seb Daurel, Vivien Feil and more skate the warehouse that also hosted an art exhibition here.