Manchester’s Black Sheep win Vans Shop Riot finals

blacksheepThe Black Sheep shop team took the honours at this year’s Vans Shop Riot in Chelles, France. Watch the footage of their £3000 raid at the Cosa Nostra skatepark here.

RIDER OF THE DAY – Axel Cruysbergs
JUDGE’s Choice/Fighting spirit – Will Makala
1ST BEST TRICK #1 – Rob Smith-Many tricks
1ST BEST TRICK #2 – Olly Tyreman-Bs Boneless
1ST BEST TRICK #3 – Dimitri Kostoff-Fs Feeble
2ND BEST TRICK #1 – Kevin Tshala-Nollie Kickflip noseslide 360° out
2ND BEST TRICK #2 – Fabian Verhage-Gap to Noseblunt
2ND BEST TRICK #3 – Kevin Vu-Bs Noseblunt