DECE Addendum – offcuts online

Just when you though that the DECE video was enough after watching 25 minutes of bangers from the likes of Brady, Yaje Popson, Lucien Clarke, Austyn Gillette, Shawn Powers and many more, Rob Harris has uploaded another full 15 minutes of extra footage from this production overnight filmed over the last 3 years with hits, misses and dog slides.

Watch Danny Brady and DECE video from Green Diamond

Green Diamond have released their DECE video in full this week, 24 minutes of skateboarding featuring Brits abroad such as Lucien Clarke and Danny Brady plus US rippers such as Austyn Gillette, Shawn Powers and far too many more to mention.

Brady’s section is below alongside the full production. Get the teas on.

Watch the Supra European Tour video

The Supra European Tour video is documented in this edit featuring footage in Germany, France and Spain. Click play for footage of UK’s Lucien Clarke, Erik Ellington, Terry Kennedy, Tom Penny, Lizard King, Stevie Williams, Kevin Romar, Keelan Dadd, Spencer Hamilton, Furby, and Boo Johnson.

SUPRA Presents The 2012 European Tour from SUPRA Footwear on Vimeo.

Hold Tight’s Archives – The Getalong Gang, 2006

Mr Edward-Woods has been clearing the old hard drives out and discovering footage at Bloblands, Southbank and more London street spots.

“Found this low res clip of Rory, Lucien and Steph on my itunes. The footage was filmed around August 2006, some made it into my first DVD, “Writer’s Block” the rest end up it the first few installments of Hold Tight London. This edit never found its way to the internet, I just made it to hype up the mans to get more footy.”

Hold Tight’s Archives – The Getalong Gang, 2006 from HOLD TIGHT LONDON on Vimeo.

SUPRA demo from Toulouse, France

supraThe Supra team are on tour in Europe right now but will not be in the UK on this one unfortunately. Watch their demo at Saint Sulpice in Toulouse, France though featuring Keelan Dadd, Boo Johnson, Erik Ellington, Tom Penny, Terry Kennedy, Spencer Hamilton, Stevie Williams, Lucien Clarke and more.

Palace announce Niggaz Wit Altitude


Not heard much from Palace over the last few weeks? Trips to the US, Europe and of course, being such massive football fans, Euro 2012 must have kept them busy. They announced the launch of their new website today, new decks and a new promo today. Niggaz Wit Altitude is coming. Teaser here.

Lucien Clarke joins the Supra team

Palace rider Lucien Clarke has officially been announced as joining the Supra Footwear pro team today. The 24 year old Londoner says: “I’m thrilled about SUPRA. The shoes are amazing to skate, and most of the riders I watched for years growing up ‘pon de skateboard. So it’s a banging feeling being on the same team.”

“Jamaica to New York to London was the route to becoming the bad man that is Lucien ‘Brother Darkness’ Clarke,” said friend Chewy Cannon who just joined the KR3W team today. “If you don’t know now, you will realize after.”

Lucien Clarke and Nugget Live for London

lucien_clarke_nuggetI woke up yesterday gutted to be living in London after my girlfriend’s bike was nicked overnight. Today is different. It’s too easy to get sucked into the negs of this City but thankfully people like Tyrone Lebon document the warmth that is also brings to many people.

These 2 clips featuring Nugget and Lucien Clarke were released this week. Taste some of the goodness London brings when the sun shines people, it may even make your day too.