Footage of Liverpool’s Glow in the Dark skatepark

Ph: Christopher Thomond / Guardian


Wheelscape‘s latest build in Everton Park, Liverpool is not your regular concrete hole. The addition of the first Glow in the Dark bowl the United Kingdom has seen has made tongues wag in the media who say “it’s one of the deepest bowls in the UK”, but spooky concrete aside, what is it like to skate?

This new video from Wheelscape released today doesn’t give much away on the bowl front, aside from it looks quite mellow and not as deep as the Guardian make out. Russell Heideman’s edit does showcase though the amazing looking blocks and ledges that surround the bowl making this place look like it could be really fun to skate.

Hopefully we will see Howard Cooke charging that bowl soon but until then, enjoy this footage with skating coming from Channon Wallace, Ryan Gabison, Charlie Comrie, Ryan Cunningham, Matt Wootton, Charlie Birch, Matt Popek as well and more. It’s looks well worth a visit.

Address: Everton Park, Liverpool. Map.


Sidewalk ‘In Motion’ full video

Ben Grove – Ollie to bank

The lads over at Lost Art, Liverpool took this skateboarding treasure, lost to the likes of VHS over a decade ago, and have uploaded it in full to the worldwide web.

Jump back through the years and witness Sidewalk “In Motion” featuring a bunch of your favourite British rippers and those from further afield.

Crayon release Rob Parsonson Bro Model

Every scene has a lifer, a legend, a skateboarder who has inspired the rest of the scene for years and pulled everyone up when they go down. This week, Crayon Skateboards have honoured one Canvey Island’s finest with a Bro Model. Check out the surprise presentation when they delivered the news to Rob Parsonson with a session from Andy ‘Ev’s Evans and the lost Art Crew.

Watch Crayon vs Lost Art in North Wales

Mike pearson and Dykie have unleashed footage from their recent jaunt to North Wales with members of the Crayon and Lost Art teams. This three day trip in September brought some good times as you will see from this edit here. Music comes from the wonderful Tame Impala btw.

lostcrayontour from Crayon Skateboards on Vimeo.