Watch Sylvian Tognelli’s new Voyage video blog

Fresh from leaving Blueprint Skateboards last week, Sylvian Tognelli has uploaded his recent travel video diary to the web from the trip to LA that most probably defined the team splitting and going their seperate ways. Watch Jensen’s insane pop, Paul Shier, Jon Nguyen, Zack Wallin and Jon Coulthard from Sylvian’s phone cam.

Voyage from sylvain tognelli on Vimeo.

Watch Rob Smith in LA with Melcher and Jackson


Our Skate Edit of the Week has footage of Rob Smith in Los Angeles with Death aficionados Richie Jackson and Patrick Melcher ahead of the ‘Ordinary Madness’ video that is scheduled for it’s premiere showing this month. Cheer yourself out of the grey clouds outside your window to this new footage, edited by Sam Bailey.

Rob Smith In LA from Sam Bailey on Vimeo.