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And the Lords of the Swords 2012 winner is…

Pics by Kevin Broadbent

After a week of voting and over 21,000 people visiting the Lords of the Swords 2012 video page, the winner has finally been decided thanks to everyone involved. Team Pasty Attack Force have taken the most votes making them champions of 2012.

It went to the wire in the end but Corey Bayley, Batfink, Rob Jones, Simon Gillard, AJ Martin and Marc Carter had the most ‘likes’ and probably the most mileage on the clock with over 550 miles driven during the weekend of filming. Their win left the Banana Hammock crew in second place and Michael Barrymore’s Skateboarding Dream Team in third.

The pro team comp went head to head over the last week too, crowning the Zombie Skateboards team as the raddest in Essex despite a strong push from the Monster Network lads. Look out for party photos soon and thanks to all of the teams involved in this year’s get together.

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The Lords of the Swords video comp vote is go!

Wake up to the news this morning that 13 video edits stuffed full of Essex pride are awaiting your vote for the annual Lords of the Swords vote. The votes are piling in right now. Don’t miss this one.

All of the teams involved have made it through to the finals of this year’s video comp and chosen by the amount of points they picked up from the book of challenges. As a result, there are 2 comps being voted for online this week. One with the the top 10 of the main LOTS comp and a pro comp with 3 teams, one winner.

Get yourself over here and watch an array of footage, some of them featuring the likes of Nick Remon, Alan Rushbrooke, Mikey Joyce, Carl Wilson and many more.


Lords of the Swords 2012 vote!

The Essex skate scene spent a full weekend from the 24th-26th August skating all over their county to tick the boxes of many tasks set for this year’s skate video comp that is the one and only Lords of the Swords. Over 20 teams hit the road this year proving just how popular this comp has become.

These videos you see here are the nominated teams that are into the grande finale. To make it clear, 10 teams are in the main comp and 3 teams are in the Pro Comp. Yes, there will be two winners from this week’s chaos. Don’t forget to vote for both comps.

If you don’t know how this works then listen up, it’s very easy. Watch the videos below and vote for your favourite video edits by ‘liking’ them. The team video with the most’likes’ will be crowned Lords of the Swords 2012 on Saturday 29th September at 7pm. Sit back, watch the entertainment, share the videos online and get voting!


Lords of the Swords gallery 2012

The local skate scene of Essex congregated for the Lords of the Swords film challenge a few weeks ago. The weather worked out, the teams registered their shit and hit the road with a booklet full of challenges. Next week we will bring you the video vote so one winner can pick up the honour and of course the most amazing trophy known to British skateboarding but for now, whilst the videos are uploading, enjoy some photos thanks to Kevin Broadbent.

The Team bags ready to be handed out.

D-Team getting there’s before the madness ahead.

And we’re off!

First tricks at the bar…

Mikey Joyce was still pissed from the night before and had to be carried for the team photo.

Mr Joyce seemed to have sobered up enough by the evening.

Filming going down at Silver End.

Essex’ very own Alex Diss doing what he does best (being a dick).

Charlie Munro gets stuck into Urbside.

Dumow Gap challenged by Mikey Joyce.

Dan Wisbeach gets down in Urbside.

A rare photo of Salmon skating with his clothes on.

Mikey Joyce completes another mission, over the doorway at RampRage.


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Lords of the Swords 2012 is coming

This is just a quick heads up to let you know that a plethora of teams will be on the annual Lords of the Swords video mission across the whole of Essex filming their socks off for this year’s comp on the weekend of 24th-26th August. Once the damage has been recorded and edited, we will bring you the full vote so that you can all pick your favourite edit from the crop and a winner will take the honours.

Watch 2011’s entries to this here and get hyped for the return.


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Lords of the Swords returns on 25th August

lordsoftheswords2012The Essex skate scene has unleashed the first dagger to alert skateboarders that this year’s Lords of the Swords skate video comp is set to run on the weekend of 25th August!

Last year, 9 teams put in the effort to shred various spots, tick the boxes on tough challenges and film their edits as best possible at various Essex street spots, parks and more. Over the bank holiday weekend of 25th and 26th of August, the scene down there will be on the road and we will be covering the updates as they drop and of course, we will bring you the all of the videos for you to vote a winner.

Watch last year’s videos here and get hyped on what’s coming.

LORDS OF THE SWORDS 2011 – TEAM D.S.D from Thomas Hole on Vimeo.

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And the winner of Lords of the Swords 2011 is…

If you have not visited us this weekend you would have missed the most frantic 2 days of voting for the Lords of the Swords 2011 video comp. 9 videos from the road trip comp were hosted on Saturday morning in this feature alongside a gallery of photos from Tom Halliday.

After a huge amount of votes Team DSD have picked up this year’s incredible trophy with their fantastic video edit. Well done to everyone involved that made this year’s comp so special. All of the teams will be getting smashed right now and skating a mini ramp at the Hooga Bar in Chelmsford!

If you are reading this blown away by the togetherness of the Essex skate scene and are inspired to do something similar in your local scene then get in touch with us and we will support it 100%.

Vote results

1st. Team DSD (27%)
2nd. Team Blitzkrieg (24%)
3rd. The Green Team (11%)
4th: The D-Team (10%)
5th. Team Deutschland (8%)
6th.The Zombie Skateboards team (8%)
7th. Monster Network (7%)
8th. Team Pokéfux (4%)
9th. Team Scratch and Sniff (1%)

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Lord of the Swords incoming

The Essex skate scene is gearing up for the launch of the annual Lords of the Swords road trip and video competition. The event was started in Chelmsford by AJ Martin and Luke MacDuke to create a scene video and has morphed into a much bigger get together inpired by Thrasher’s King of the Road series.

Competitions aside though, Lords of the Swords is most importantly having a laugh with your mates. Last year’s winners managed feats of bravery, that included catching a sizeable snake under an Essex flyover and (failed) attempts to ride sheep!

All videos will be premiered at Park DX in Colchester on the 16th of September and the top 5 posted online here at Crossfire for the public to choose who should win. The Lords will then be knighted on the 18th September in Hooga Bar in Chelmsford alongside a mini ramp session and copious amounts of liquor. Look out for the videos next month and get voting!