Skateboarding Product Reviews

The Chargeboard


Someone had to do it and it came from a dude in Holland. This longboard thing comes with built in speakers so you can listen to Avril Lavigne on the move, and even charges your accessories as you push along the pavement with kinetics. It’s also your best pal when you stop for a chill by a lake.

Looks like every hipster’s dream just came true in one word – docking.

Skateboarding News

Death Skateboards release extra long longboard!

Death Skateboards have a new deck ready for the summer that should see your tre flips hits the clouds. The extra long longboard is crafted from Brazilian rosewood and is available in your local skate shop for £299 (with £149.99 postage and packaging). Please note though that Death do not warrantee this product against entanglement with overhead cables or low flying unicorns.