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Tripwires live at Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen

Tripwires / Towns / Lola Colt
Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen
London – 2nd May

I don’t usually expect much from an opening act, but as a dark and mysterious six piece materialise before me at Hoxton Square I sense this gang aren’t just ‘some indie band’. Lola Colt opens with a lazy guitar line, sauntering beside a hazy blend of percussion before exploding into a deep, dark groove. Reminiscent of 60’s psychedelia, and capturing a little swirly shoegaze magic too, just as you think this lengthy instrumental is receding, front woman Gun Overbye’s cavernous howl makes the room shake.

After witnessing the bar being raised phenomenally high for an opening act, Towns kick into gear with their up-beat and effect drenched guitar noise. With a definite nod towards the early 90’s Creation Records sound, Towns almost exhaust that blend of angelic vocals and hooky bass lines. Whilst they certainly kick up a tuneful fuss on stage, these lads are still honing their craft, I look forward to what they do next.

Finally, Tripwires take to the stage, easing into their set with watery guitar swells, until they kick into adrenalin fueled ‘Emerald’, with some Cobain-style riffing these guys reveal their heavier edge. The highlight of the set comes in the shape of new single ‘Shimmer’, boasting a baggy groove and ethereal backing vocals that sandwich growling, fuzzed out chords and Rhys Edwards’ sweet placebo-like whine. Tripwires have a knack for a slow builder, and a distinct musical swagger that sets them apart from other acts making this new breed of melodic grunge. Their debut is released 17th June through French Kiss Records; on the back of this, I think it’s going to be a corker.

Dave Palmer