Watch Magenta’s Panic in Gotham City

Skate Edit of the Week comes from Magenta Skateboards whose trip to NYC back in November 2012 following the Hurricane Sandy weather front was filmed by Colin Read, Josh Stewart and Ryan Garshell.

Magenta’s Leo Valls, Vivien Feil, Soy Panday, Jimmy Lannon join friends Ben Gore, Alex Davis, Lurker Lou, Liu Puli, Joel Meinholz, Connor Kammerer, Alex Fogt, Ryan Barlow, Kenji Nakahira, Quim Cardona and Masaki Ui.

Magenta Skateboards do Marseille

magenta skateboardsMagenta Skateboards riders Leo Valls, Soy Panday and Vivien Feil cruised through the City of Knives aka Marseille in France in February. Watch the sessions here and if you like French Hip Hop and want more then get some more info on what’s out there from Abjekt’s Chronicles.

If you are thinking of Marseille this summer make sure you check out The Morrics, video below.