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Black Bars: Jacob Blandy’s Sheffield scene photo blog

A new blogo featuring many photo’s from the Sheffield skate scene is live and stuffed with various pics from Jacob Blandy’s collection. Kep an eye on for updates.

Music News

Watch: Daft Punk ‘Derezzed’

Daft Punk’sDerezzed‘ has probably generated the most buzz around their OST for the visually mesmerizing Tron: Legacy. It certainly sounds like what we imagine most people were expecting from the idea of the french duo scoring a film; the orchestra take a back seat as a relentless drum beat and acidic riff take the motifs from Human After All and condense them into just under two minutes of exhilarating electronic peril.

It served as the diegetic soundtrack for one of the raddest scenes in the film, but the official music video that premiered on MTV (frustratingly for US viewers only) yesterday is some great visual fodder too.

Watch below as Thomas and Guy-Manuel load up ‘Derezzed‘ in Flynn’s Arcade and enter a joust sequence that’s a little closer to 1982 graphics than the superboosted sequel. Rad. BADADADADATSHHH BADADADADADADATSHHH.