Van Wastell Krooked Kronichles Unreleased Rough Edit


RIP Van Wastell. Enjoy this footage from his Brother’s account today, a previously unreleased Krooked Kronichles edit:

“Here is the original idea of what my brother Van Wastell’s Krooked Kronichles part was going to be. Me and Van got done recording our song for the DVD and then went to Dan Vellucci’s pad right away with the master copy. Dan Vellucci mocked up a part right away with all this footage of what it was going to look like, but then the final decision from DLX was Cheech and Chong instead.” – Eddie Villa

Classic Mark Gonzales footage fest

mark_gonzales_skateThere’s nobody else out there like the Gonz. He’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and one of the most creatively fun skateboarders who has left more than a legacy to every generation that picks up a deck.

This features footage from Kicked Out Of Everywhere by Real (1999), Reel To Reel by Dan Wolfe (2001), and How They Get There by Spike Jonze (1997) all glued together by Jason Jessee, who introduces three must watch Mark Gonzales video parts for Thrasher’s Classic’s feature.

Get the teas on for 15 minutes of skateboarding gold.

Zip Zinger Krookakonda Komplete

krookakonda_completeCheck out the brand new Zip Zinger Krookakonda Komplete brought to you by the Krooked Skateboards family this month. Not only does it look a beast, it’s actually skateable as seen on TV by Krooked aficionado Dan Drehobl. It’s bespoke Konstructor snake shape is made up of a 7.5″ cruiser that from nose to tail comes in at 30.35″ and boosted to 8.6″ with the snake of doom wrap around.

Watch Drehobl ‘Ride the Snake’ here and get stoked that fun in skateboarding exists on a daily basis. Think yourself lucky you chose to ride one. The Krooked Fall catalogue is out now stuffed with plenty of colourful greatness. Feast on it.

Krooked Zig Zagger

The Krooked ‘cruiser’ boards have been around a few years now with three sizes. The Zip Zinger Nano 7.125″, The Zip Zinger 7.5″ and the Zig Zagger 8.6″. They come in many colour ways and alternative themed graphics ranging from classic bold colours to ice-creams, to galactic space backgrounds, oh and the board comes with stickers and a novelty Krooked card crown!

It’s the 8.6″ Zig Zagger that has got me excited though. Mostly at the thought of looking down at my feet riding this board in the street or at Stockwell skidding about pretending in my head that i’m Mark Gonzales! “But its just cruiser board!” I hear you cry. Don’t be mistaken. It has the same concave, wheel base and equal nose and tail as most standard popsicle boards. You will still be able to pop out all your nollie tricks regardless of the boards pointy nose but now with added style!

My personal point to make with this review is that skateboarding is fun. If your enthusiasm for skateboarding is running low I can’t recommend the Zig Zagger enough, take a chance and make it part of your next set up. If you’re still not convinced watch the man himself having fun on one.

Matthew Bromley