Watch Lucien Clarke’s European KR3W footage

Krew-apparel-logoPalace rider Lucien Clarke has some cracking new footage to celebrate his addition to the European KR3W team. Enjoy a couple of minutes from one of London’s best.

The US team were in Las Vegas recently and came back with a new edit that you can see if you scroll down.

Watch KR3W in Las Vegas:

Line Check July 2011

UK skate shops are stacked with new decks, wheels, clothing, shoes, hats and more right now so here’s our monthly gathering of what we think are the best options throughout July. Explore below for a selection of products available from Skate Mental, Girl, Superdead, Heroin, Drawing Boards, Volcom, Foundation, Unabomber, Chocolate, Crayon, Toy Machine, Fourstar, Altamont, DVS, Lakai, Kr3w, éS and Emerica.

If you would like your product considered for inclusion in this zine, get in touch here.

Antwuan Dixon video documentary

Deathwish pro Antwuan Dixon‘s spotlighted lifestyle has been documented again, this time by his friend Zack Warren who explains the film he put together- Antwuan lived with me on and off for about 6 months and after seeing so many videos of him fighting for 15 or 30 seconds we decided to show the real Antwuan Dixon. We wanted to give a real look at this amazing one of a kind person and give him a chance to tell his story through his eyes.

This 15 minute documentary has everything you need to know about one of skateboarding’s most unique players, watch it here.

Line Check April 2011

Spring 2011 has arrived and there are many new products out there for you to check out this month. Here’s a selection of our recommended purchases if the recession is allowing you to wallow in some luxuries right now from Superdead, Flip, Palace, Baker, Independent, Kill City, Death, Etnies, Emerica, Altamont, Spitfire, Lovenskate, Dephect, Supreme, Supra, Kr3w, Quiksilver, Element, Alien Workshop, Brixton Addict and DVS.












KR3W and SUPRA store to open in Slam basement

The good folk at Slam City Skates in London will have some company downstairs in the basement this year as KR3W and SUPRA are confirmed to take over the space downstairs where Rough Trade Records use to be before they moved to the East End.

ONE will officially launch this Saturday February 26th, with a grand opening celebration featuring a skate celebrity guest list that includes Chad Muska, Terry Kennedy, Stevie Williams, Ali Boulala, and Tom Penny as well as many esteemed local Londoners.

The celebration will continue at The Stag’s Head and will feature music from DJ Robbie Furze from the Big Pink, Bitches of Eastwick, Turbogeist, and PWBC.

Get down there at 3pm on Saturday for a signing sesh.

Terry Kennedy interview on the Natural High

Terry Kennedy is the latest to tell all about his life in the Natural High video series in the USA.

Supra’s new footwear pro discusses how skateboarding changed his life and saved him from the clutches of drugs in Long Beach. He says “If I came up here being Terry Kennedy doing drugs, these kids would be embarrassed,” click below for the full story.