New Crayon pro decks for Gayle and Jones

Crayon Skateboards have unleashed a new batch of decks this morning. Chris Jones’ new deck features graphics form the Highbrow company (Mike O’Shea) and comes in available in 8 and 8.25″ models, Korahn Gayle Korahn has art by Jon Horner available in 8.125″ and their new logo deck comes in 8 and 7.75″.

Look out for these in your local skater owned shop this month.


Korahn Gayle skates new Gloucester park

Wheelscape have completed a new park in Cinderford, Gloucester recently. The layout includes a bowl, bank to rainbow rail, a double set with handrail, ‘tranny to tranny’ gap into the bowl and more.

Find it at Lower High Street Recreational Field, Cinderford, Just off A4151, GL14 3HY and enjoy Crayon’s Korahn Gayle and Boyo skating the new build here.

DC, Monster and Fifty Fifty Big Three Jam Bristol

Video edit and words by Rich Smith

The rescheduled ‘Gert Big Three‘ comp almost didn’t take place due to yet again more unfortunate British weather circumstances (rain on and off all day!) The sun came out for just enough time later in the afternoon for the set to dry (ish) and a session to go down!

First place and £500 went to an NBD fakie front side heel flip from Korahn Gayle. 2nd place with £250 went to Ash Dixon with a frontside flip, back side heelflip then robbed on a few nollie backside flips before slaming his face into the unforgiving slippery tiles of Lloyds. 3rd place went to Ollie Lock with a bolts front shuv, not to mention the numerous impossibles he landed on before the floor got to wet, avit next time kid!

After landing but not rolling countless trayflips down the three during the comp lil Joe Mercer stepped up for some overtime and got his personal NBD treflip at the end of the session, clean as a whistle! Stoked! Keep an eye on for updates on the next Big Three Jam which will be happening some time in April ’12 when it’s not bloody raining! Thanks to all who attended, BIG UP!

Rich Smith

Crayon unleash Welsh Tommy mini DV footage

crayonskateboardsCrayon Skateboards ripper Welsh Tommy switches it up with some awesome new footage today filmed by Dykie, Nick Richards and others to celebrate Crayon’s decision to shoot their new DVD in HD.

Head over to to view their Spring catalogue and follow Crayon’s Korahn Gayle and Dan Wileman‘s sessions on the West Coast on their travel blog here.

One year ago today…

Exactly 365 days ago we posted a review of the last DVD of the decade to grace the front cover of Sidewalk Magazine, Bristol’s Finest. One year later, it’s withstood the tests of time and digital amnesia to remain one of the raddest scene videos to come from these shores, spawning a bucket load of further edits, influencing filmmakers and skateboarders everywhere and firmly re-establishing Bristol as one of the tightest scenes in the UK.

Read the review here and treat yourself to half an hour of South West shredding from the finest crew in all of Bristol by watching the entire video below.

BRISTOL’S FINEST from Bristol’s Finest on Vimeo.

Watch: George Nevin’s 2010 edit

Bristol based filmbot George Nevin has made an edit compiling his favourite moments from 2010.

Click the (ridiculous) screenshot of Korahn Gayle grinding the Pipe Lane sign below to see twelve months of Bristol’s Finest shenanigans compressed into ten minutes of radness. Nice one George!

Watch: Crayon Skateboards Malaga edit

What a year 2010 has been for Welsh based Crayon Skateboards and they celebrate this Xmas week with some footage from their Malaga trip earlier this year.

Look out for Dan Wileman’s Reflections feature that will drop within the next week plus a full video interview with Korahn Gayle once it’s edited and don’t forget that their new Boxman graphic is sat there in skater owned shops for you to pick up if you are looking for some new wood.

Watch: New Bristols Finest edit

The residents of Bristol kicked off 2010 with one of the best UK skateboard videos of the year with Bristol’s Finest and are back with a brand new edit this morning courtesy of Mr. George Nevin.

The full crew is in force as they give not only Bristol but the entire country a good seeing to in the space of three minutes. Featuring Korahn Gayle, Tom Gibbs, Dylan Hughes, Dan Wileman, Barney Page and many more. Kick start your week with this.

Bristol’s Finest

Photo: Owen Hopkins – Nosegrind in Bristol by Trix.
After pressing play on the last DVD of the decade to be gracing the front of Sidewalk, Bristol’s Finest, I barely had time to pour milk on my cornflakes before Dan Wileman was 360 flipping out of lengthy manuals in a Crocodile Dundee get-up. This is a flick that sees no shame in premature gnar-jaculation, choosing to drop the heavy bassline into this visual mixtape instantly rather than faff around with any editing or HD foreplay. This is Bristol, remember? Or, more accurately, if all those subverted North Face logos are anything to go by, this is the South West, bitch.

So after briefly floating in a womb with names floating around that may as well serve as a loose metaphor for Bristol being pregnant with a spectacular skate scene, Dan Wileman rips from the umbilical cord and gets this bloodbath started. After another excuse to see that bigflip at the 2008 Meanwhile Jam, Dan doesn’t slow with unexpected rapid-fire bangers. Aside from the most legit frontboard on a ledge since the 90s, Dan gets high on the monster rail atop Cardiff Bay’s steep red banks and stays around to flip manual the pad at Sports Café that does not get nearly enough attention from visitors. Look out for more from this guy in the Crayon video which will undoubtedly drop sometime this year whenever Dykie comes up with a name and manages to spell it correctly in the title sequence. There was a wink in that sentence.

From now on, people have not-so-much sections, but a period of time in the unstoppable mix to drop bangers as though in a free association session with RZA and the Clan. Amongst the montages it’s not easy to keep up with the action but what’s going on is most definitely not easy, no way, not ever, no sir. Motive’s Paul Carter hooks up with Wainwright to hit some beautiful architecture and make it a little bit more grimy before Flynn Trotman flies in and skates walls like they’re flatbanks. Tom Gibbs deserves a note and immediate re-watch for catching everything proper and perfect.

Jess Young comes in next and if you weren’t satisfied with his photos from the Kill City Hobo Tour in the mag then you’re a fool, but will soon become a satisfied and hopefully impressed fool. There’s an on-going joke with anyone who skates with Jess Young, you could be standing on top of a ledge that someone has placed on Everest for some reason and it won’t be long before someone says ‘ah we should get Jess on this butt’. Sure, there’s some big drops in this, but you’ll be surprised at how versatile he is too. Dylan Hughes is next and shows that he hasn’t had so much as a nap after his Motive section, watch out for that double set frontside flip…

Andy Makepeace has a beautiful, optimistic name, and also boasts a beautiful nollie frontside heel that’s also as optimistic as a nollie frontside heel could be. After throwing it down Lloyds he whacks one into a mayday on those haggard banks that get a trashing throughout. Nicky Howells follows in traditional pisstake mode. Amongst technical ledge tomfoolery there’s a lazer flip that’ll become instant enemies with your rewind button. Be nice to that little guy now, you’re gonna need that little button again in a few minutes. Snaddon closes this segment in the usual top of the pops manner, half cabbing over a bench at college green and reclaiming that location for what’s truly important in Bristol. Fuck Skins!

The end is nigh, and yet it’s still not safe to breathe. The Big Hoppa Owen Hopkins puts that inevitable hardflip on hold (it comes after ten tricks! the wait was as tense as a Tarantino scene with no cuts!) but when it does you will shit where ever you are sitting. So if you have a portable DVD player then head to the lav then. Just a heads up.

New Crayon recruit Korahn Gayle finishes one of the finest (literally, I wasn’t shoehorning an awkward reference to the title in here I promise) videos to come from Bristol (that had absolutely nothing from The Deaner in I should add, not a bad thing) in the last decade, and who better to do so. If you’re not already convinced that Korahn isn’t one of the most important skaters to emerge from not just Bristol but the UK in the last ten years then do us a favour – go and do a switch back 360 down Lloyds in the fucking rain and let’s hear you make the same verdict. Hold tight Bristol.


If you missed out on the free DVD, put the kettle on and watch the full film right here:

BRISTOL’S FINEST from Bristol's Finest on Vimeo.