Watch the Bournemouth BaSKATEball Bananza!

When the NPNG crew and a basketball hoop and ball get together, the results are going to be nothing but fun.

Click the play button for Danny Bulmer’s latest trip down to Kings Park, filled with plenty of granny shots and no benchwarmer’s from Craig Loveless, Louis Frett, lil Scott, Bill Hillary and David Hunter.

Watch Lifeblood Skateboards shred Kings Park

lifeblood_skateboardsThe Lifeblood Skateboard team are in Europe shredding concrete and hit up Bournemouth’s Kings Park for a session. Watch Cody Lockwood, Frank Faria, Kevin Kowalski, Mason Merlino, Tom Lawson and Tommy Fachiri.

Bournemouth’s Tranny Jam drops its drawers

The Bournemouth crew are a pretty unique bunch, always down for a session and always up for having a bloody good laugh.

This weekend the NPNG and friends were all involved in a Tranny Jam hosted on the concrete of their local at Kings Park bringing much laughter and some hilarious outfits to boot. Look out for a video edit soon as no doubt it will be priceless when it drops!