Watch Bones ‘New Ground’ video in full

boneswheelslogoBones Wheels have been promising to drop their new full length video for a few months and have released it today for you to stream and download for free.

Get stuck into footage of Jaws (below), Randy Ploesser, Ryan Decenzo, Marty Murawski, Chad Bartie, David Gravette, and Adam Dyet, Jake Duncombe, Ronnie Creager, Jimmy Cao, John Motta and many more by clicking here to stream it and here to register to be sent a free download by email.


The Vox team rip 165ft mini ramp to pieces

bordeaux165ftminirampDo you remember us running news on a 165ft mini ramp being built in France back in April this year?

The Vox team hit it up and came back with some absolutely amazing tricks. Check this session featuring Jordan Hoffart, Josh Hawkins, Cody McEntire, Dave Bachinsky and Shawn Hale.