Jaws vs the Lyon 25 footage


Hats off to Thrasher for setting this up, this is the biggest feat that skateboarding has seen in years. Aaron Homoki finally conquered the Lyon 25 set and the footage, the build up, the end product, the joy, is so well captured by French Fred, Mike Gilbert, Mike and Kevin Burnett with Ali Boulala there for obvious reasons.

Well done Jaws, you mental bastard.

El Toro – Krak Best Trick Compilation

jaws_eltoroFor years now El Toro High School in Lake Forest has been more famous for its 20 stair beast than its pass rates. So many have left their mark trick wise and in the concrete on this ridiculously big set so Krak have compiled 3 minutes of skate history. Dive in.

Gif: Jaws.

Bust Or Bail 2: The Ripper At Clipper edit


Every spot has its day but with the news of Clipper being bulldozed soon, Thrasher took the initative to lay down some history on the SF spot that partly made Kremer SOTY in 2014 and has tested many more.

Enjoy the ridiculous NBD’s that graced the history books at this weekend’s Bust Or Bail 2 jam.

Clipper Bust or Bail hubba jam sees 5 NBD’s


This weekend saw flash mob Thrasher jam at the clipper hubba in San Francisco where five NBD’s went down. Jaws’ kickflip melon was just one alongside Paul Hart’s switch heel bs 5-0 and Shane O’Neil’s bigspin bs tailslide. Figgy laid down a switch bigspin frontside boardslide and Drake Johnson hardflipped over it.

Here’s a few of them but look out for a full edit soon.

Wow @shanejoneill #BustOrBail

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@paul_hart sw heel bs 5-0 #BustOrBail

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Jaws’ True Blue Retrospect video


More madness from Jaws has arrived, looking behind the scenes of his True Blue part. This bloke sees and destroys spots that most others wouldn’t bother with. Press play to look into what goes into his desire to conquer the biggest gaps, stair sets and rooftops for the skateboarding history books.

His new pro shoe on Dekline was just released this week and it’s a really nice design, check it out.

Get the teas on and watch the full video.

Clint Walker pro for Birdhouse with incredible section

Birdhouse Skateboards are quietly establishing a seriously exciting team over there this year. You’ve seen Jaws and Raybourn go pro, now get on this new section from Oklahoma born Clint Walker shared by Independent Trucks today as this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face instantly. Hit play for an inspiring Skate Edit of the Week.