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The Flare skate video by Lakai released today


Quick reminder that Lakai’s new skate video, The Flare is released worldwide today via Vimeo and iTunes for download and more importantly, your local skate shop on the good old DVD.

Review coming soon.

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Figgy’s Made Chapter 2 B-Sides

emerica_logoIf you’ve seen Figgy‘s end part in the new Emerica Made2 video then you will understand the pain that went into making his part. Here’s some raw footage from the making of it that is well worthy of a watch. Get those teas on.

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The making of Cuatro Sueños Pequeños

Photo: Madars kickflips for Antton Miettinen’s lens


Reminisce that amazing short film made by Thomas Campbell and Fred Mortagne as they show you the making of their epic short film Cuatro Sueños Pequeños.

The amount of work that went into this is phenomenal. Get behind the scenes of this 16mm film project featuring dreamscapes of Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse skating incredible spots throughout Spain.

You can download the full film from iTunes.

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Cliché Gypsy Life Book/DVD


If you have already seen this on iTunes then you will know it’s a keeper. Cliché’s ongoing Gypsy Life missions will never get old as their team grows worlwide laying down some of the best skateboarding out there and this is arguably their best production to date.

The full team are set a roadtrip to task with small PD’s and goals to see who can last the entire journey. Its far more entertaining than a straight up skate video with incredible skating from the UKs ‪Kyron Davis‬, Max Geronzi‬, Paul Hart, guest skater Chet Childress and many more, but we ain’t spoiling it. Go find this in your local skate shop and see for yourself, you may end up on the road this summer as a result, as this book that comes packed with photos shot from the trip and full DVD is one you should cherish.

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Nike SB Chronicles Vol.2


I’m not even going to try and flex my « core » beliefs on Nike this time around because their latest chapter of the Nike SB Chronicles Volume 2 is pretty flawless in my opinion. In previous video productions this mainstream sports brand has tried too hard to impress the skateboard community with expensive camera equipment, fancy skits and bizarre story lines. Thankfully the message got through that all that was unnecessary and this time they put their money to good use and more importantly let the skateboarders shine bright.

Firstly, hats off to Jason Hernandez who filmed and directed this film using high definition cameras and editing equipment of an above average professional standard. Cutting shots from multiple angles, using graphical layers and taking it easy on the slo-mo switch gives this video the right amount of pace and length to actually make you sit through from start to finish and then run out the door to skate.

Secondly, hats off to the skaters on show: Donovan Piscopo, Theotis Beasley, Daryl Angel, Luan Oliveira, Justin Brock, Shane O’Neill and Ishod Wair. There is a good mix of styles here even if the transition side to skating is kept at a minimum. Some of these skaters like to keep, things simple whilst others seek technicality, but either way everyone is very smooth and stylish.

Speaking of style, it was a pleasant experience to see a proper section from Donovan Piscopo who has been floating low on the radar of late but has finally broken through to the forefront of one of the amateurs to keep a firm eye on. His greaser look is also going to appeal to the fashion crowd. Another stylish skater is Shane O’Neill who jumps, slides and grinds around with incredible nonchalance whilst his skateboard spins itself into new dimensions of technical wizardry. Sorry for the spoiler but the bigspin fakie salad grind bigspin flip out is a brain melter.


On the burly side of town, Justin Brock proves that having a kid did anything but slow him down from attempting hair-raising tricks into rough as fuck banks. Minor Threat provide the soundtrack for his annihilation. Daryl Angel takes a slightly smoother approach to wrecklessness but isn’t afraid to throw down frontside nosegrinds on nipple height hubbas and blindsided fakie attacks to handrails. Luan Oliveira proves his versatility as he takes on rails, ledges and manuals with confidence and dexterity. Theotis Beasley isn’t far behind even if his bag of tricks remains a little more limited. Backside flips and halfcab flips are a staple element to his diet and he really does them better than the rest of them.

The main stand out of Chronicles 2 is Philadelphia wonder-child and happy go lucky guy Ishod Wair who deservedly gets the curtains and a deserved SOTY award. Death’s ‘Politicians In My Eyes’ sets the tone to Ishod’s casual yet dangerous lines and flowing style. Second spoiler alert: the frontside 360 over the infamous Los Angeles triple set looks way too easy for him just as the kinked fifty to midway pop-off and quick backside bigspin down a 10 stair. Amazing section.

It would be a bit like nit-picking to say this video doesn’t deserve recognition and applause. I can’t wait for Vol. 3. Available to download now at iTunes.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis

Watch it here:

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Cliché Bon Voyage on iTunes now

The long wait is over. Those who are itching to watch the new Cliché video can click through to iTunes tonight to download the full movie. Bon Voyage was filmed and edited by Boris Proust with footage of the team shot in Europe, Australia, the USA, China and Japan.

Check below for all UK skate shop premiere’s as it will be way more of an experience to watch it there and pick up a DVD than downloading it off the web.

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Skatopia’s 88 Acres of Anarchy to hit iTunes

A new short video featuring Skatopia’s Brewce Martin from the CIA (Citizens Instigating Anarchy) was posted overnight with details that the Skatopia Movie: “88 Acres Of Anarchy” will be hitting iTunes and Google Play this December.

We have no update on Brewce’s health following a serious injury back in the summer of 2009 from a tyre explosion but hope he is back on it and blasting concrete again.

Watch the making of the movie here:

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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography on iTunes

If you missed the London premiere and are itching to watch Stacy Peralta’s Autobiography of the life and times of the infamous Bones Brigade, then get on i-Tunes and download it or from the Bones Brigade site.